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Thanks a lot, queenslifesci. In my transcripts, 65%-79% is a B. I am not quite sure whether LSAC will treat a 65% as a B, and convert it into a 3 in GPA. That's the thing bothering me cus I have several high 60s (it's pretty normal at Queen's B-school). Anyway, I just leave it to God.

Thanks again.


Hey, guys,

Thanks a lot for the answers. That makes me feel a bit better. Wish they use letter grade, otherwise I will be screwed up too. So, queenslifesci, if you have any info about the range of B (i.e., what range of percentage marks in our transcripts gets 3.0 gpa?), please let me know. Thanks again.

Hey queenslifesci,

Very impressive LSAT! Congrats!!! My question for you is: have you confirmed with LSAC about how they actually convert our "stupid" marks into their GPA system? i.e., which one, percentage marks or letter grades are they going to use? I'm a student at b-school, so I have both in my transcripts.

Appreciate your answer.

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