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I agree with Steve, strongly disagree with Lampshade.  Check out your employer's confidentiality policy.  I bet they expect you to be pretty tight-lipped, so I would refrain from saying anything about specific clients or anything else that might reveal too much.  Blabbing about clients might even hurt your prospects; it would show you can't keep your mouth shut.

Current Law Students / Attire for EIW
« on: June 03, 2008, 06:38:14 PM »
I'm planning on buying a new suit this summer for early interview week.  I was thinking navy or navy pinstripe.  What do people think is better?  Will one suit be sufficient, or have people who have gone through the process found they needed two?  How about shirts?  I can only afford around $400.  What are people's experiences with brands?  I'm looking at Brooks Bros., Jos Bank, and the nicer stuff Macy's has (i.e., Ralph Lauren).  It would be good to have an EIW "fashion thread" going.

Current Law Students / Re: Georgetown vs. BU $$$
« on: March 06, 2007, 09:28:00 PM »
Dude this board is for bitching about actual lawschool work and for arguing with each other over petty *&^%. Go take your Georgetown vs. BU$$$ thread over to the kiddie board.

And as a side note, does anyone else find that whenever you see one of these stupid "I've been accepted to a higher ranked school with no money, but also a slightly lower ranked school with money" questions is asked, the OP inevitably states "graduating with little to no debt is important to me...because I'm looking to work in public service/interest/military" yadda yadda yadda....

So what are these people retarded? How the hell did they get into these schools in the first place? They go on with this long question, and then they basically answer thier own questions in the first place.


Forgive me for troubling you. I guess I'm supposed to make this decision first, and then I've earned the right to discuss specific issues on the "General" board.

I was hoping I'd get some advice from some people who have made these decisions and have had a year or two to reflect on them. The "kiddie" board is mostly applicants like myself who do not have the benefit of your experiences, so I'd rather not rely on the conventional wisdom of the LSD pre-law board. In a year or two I'll be happy to give some advice to someone in my current position. Unfortunately you don't feel the same way.

And if I've answered my own question I wish you'd point it out for me, because I can't seem to find it yet.

Thank for the advice, everyone. I'm visiting Cornell on Friday, so I'd like to throw that into the equation. How does that compare?

And at this point in my life, I don't think I'm "dead set" on public interest (or anything for that matter), but I do see myself in a gov't legal career.

Current Law Students / Re: Georgetown vs. BU $$$
« on: March 06, 2007, 02:49:50 PM »
"Would I be making a grave mistake if I chose it over Georgetown with no money? "

I really do believe you are making a grave mistake by going to BU. I did what you plan to do, go to the cheaper school, and I regretted it forever.

Could you elaborate a little bit?

Current Law Students / Re: Georgetown vs. BU $$$
« on: March 03, 2007, 09:50:58 AM »
Thanks for your input, Suzie. How does BU do as far as public service jobs go? I see more of an emphasis on it at BC, and the career placement numbers match that. And where do you stand as far as the BC v. BU argument goes? Did you choose BU over BC? If so, why? I'm planning a visit to BU on Monday.

Sprite, I'm not sure about your position. Isn't it true that Harvard only gives out money based on need? I'm not sure of your financial situation, but maybe you'll get some need-based grants from them? They must have some money to throw around. I'd imagine their LRAP is the balls too.

Current Law Students / Georgetown vs. BU $$$
« on: February 28, 2007, 02:49:05 PM »
Help me ponder this...

I received a $30k per year scholarship from BU, nearly full tuition. Would I be making a grave mistake if I chose it over Georgetown with no money? I haven't received GULC's financial aid package yet, but I am assuming that my numbers aren't going to be getting me much money, if any.

Graduating with very little debt is important to me. I'm coming straight from UG and I'm really not tied down or anything, but I would like to be able to start saving for a down payment on a house, buy a car, and start a family after law school. I'd also prefer not to have to eat ramen noodles three meals a day for a decade after I graduate(WAAY too much sodium).

My interests are in public service/interest, maybe doing policy stuff or working for the DOJ or US Attorney's office. I am not interested in biglaw. BU would give me some flexibility to work in a field that I enjoy and not be forced into working 70 hours/wk in a firm. However, Georgetown location and connections in DC make it one of the best places for someone with my career interests.

I'm from the Boston area and would prefer to work in New England after graduation.

I loved Georgetown when I visited, but the BU offer really surprised me and I am now leaning toward the cheaper option. Is Georgetown worth the HUGE debt in the long run, or would I be crazy to pass up a ton of money at a well regarded school?

Obviously these are still hypotheticals and a lot could change, but I would appreciate some of your thoughts to help me with this decision.

Law School Admissions / Re: GULC admitted students reception Jan. 24-25
« on: January 25, 2008, 01:29:59 PM »
What did you all think? Any follow-up Qs? (I'm a 1L)

Law School Admissions / Re: GULC admitted students reception Jan. 24-25
« on: January 23, 2008, 08:24:55 PM »
I wouldn't worry about the dress code too much; they night out is at Lucky Strike, which is a glorified, overpriced bowling alley. Do come out, though! We have bar review there, so there will be a lot of students (including yours truly) there.

Law School Admissions / Re: Michigan v. Georgetown
« on: January 03, 2008, 06:23:57 AM »
I had almost the same post this time last year. I'm interested in public interest/public sector work eventually, and Mich and GULC were my top two schools. Mich waitlisted me and I was accepted in July. By that time I had my class schedule, housing, and I had been in touch with my roommate at Georgetown, and the difference in cost (at least for the first year) was negligible. I went with Georgetown because I couldn't justify the upheaval just to go to Michigan. If I had been accepted at Mich in May, it might be a different story, but I'll tell you what I think.

I don't have any regret for going with Georgetown. I love being in the city, and we have a huge public service job fair coming up for gov't/public interest internships, and my professors were excellent. Geographically it also made sense for me. I want to work on the east coast, probably in the Boston area. I feel like Georgetown has a stronger presence in DC, Boston, or even NYC (not sure about this one) than Mich. That doesn't mean it's more highly regarded, but there's something to be said for alumni relationships.

That being said, Mich is the "better" school academically. A student who is at the top of his class at Mich will fare better than his counterpart at GULC. However, I think it's pretty much a wash from there down, until you get to the bottom of the class, where the same applies.

Ran out of time. Gotta run.

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