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I've got to be honest here: in principle, I am against affirmative action. But, if there is a way for me to get into a better school (or get more scholarships) within the rules of the system, I will gladly exploit it.

By race, I'm 100% Indian, but by nationality I'm at least 50% African American (both my parents were raised in East Africa, and my mother was born there). I'm also what is known as a 'splitter' (LSAT in the 170's, GPA sub 3.0, strong soft factors), so anything that could help nudge me over the top would useful.

I want to know what exactly defines one as African American. If it's how many generations removed your family is from Africa or the darkness of your skin, I'm probably more African American than most undeniably 'black' people. It clearly isn't socioeconomic factors (in that case they wouldn't need to know what ethnicity I was, my tax information would be sufficient).

Basically, what conditions need to be met for me to check that little "African American" box?

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