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Current Law Students / Re: Kaplan LSAT course
« on: June 02, 2004, 11:49:37 AM »
I'd say to take the course - but with reserve. I took the Kaplan LSAT course last September *for the october LSAT* and my teacher for the course was a medical student. Granted, she obviously took a LSAT ..but never took the offical one, so she was clueless as to how the test is administered. She often found herself saying "i dunno" to most questions. Just make sure you get a good teacher for the course. I think I would have had a larger benefitfrom the course if I had a better teacher.

Good luck.

Hanes Mall, Downtown Winston in the Summer, several lakes in the area, Greensboro 30 mins from Wake, the mountains are an hour from Winston Salem (skiing, etc.), you can be at the outerbanks in roughly 5/6 hours....etc. Tell me what kind of things your're interested in, and I can better explain to you what Winston has.....

Law School Admissions / Re: Community college
« on: June 21, 2004, 11:46:16 AM »
Jackie- UNC-C is actually a fairly decent school in NC, and you should be able to do well in getting into a good law school *provided that you have a good LS score*. I'm from NC, also..I took a years worth of CC courses during my senior year of high school (from several different CC - Surry, Wilkes and Guilford Tech), then went to college in NC for 3 yrs... and am now on my way to law school, with a scholarship.

Jacy85 - I'm from NC....Winston Salem, actually...and I'm very very familiar with Raleigh and Charlotte. The law schools in NC range from Duke & Wake Forest to UNC, to the lower scaled Campbell University (Buies Creek, NC ...literally in the middle of a corn field) and North Carolina Central in Raleigh. I would highly highly recommend Chapel Hill and Charlotte to anyone, and for that matter, Winston Salem as well. Each city has great little areas for diversity, etc...great downtowns...and the locations of Charlotte and Winston are close to the mountains (snow skiing) or water skiing & boating (Lake Norman, about 20-30 minutes from Charlotte)..

Elon University is actually planning to open up a law school in Greensboro in the coming years, the location was already been established. I also know that UNC-Charlotte has also applied for a law school charter.

Good Luck!

I'm from NC.

I'm 15 mins from Wake Forest,
1 hr from UNC, Duke, and NCCU (North Carolina Central)....also, I know about Campbell U. (which is on the eastern side of Raleigh.)

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