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Hello everyone,

I am currently in the process of transitioning from the army to the civilian world after serving a four year term. If everything works out, I will be working for the USPTO as a patent examiner while attending law school part time, using my GI Bill (hopefully will not incur too much additional costs). The following are my stats:

-Passed the PhD Qualifying Examination in Electrical Engineering (EE)
-MSEE with a tuition waiver assistantship from a good state university: GPA 3.75+
-BSEE from a good state university: GPA 2.80 (I started out weak because I was trying to work to support myself but ended up being on two consecutive Dean's list my senior year. I had an average GPA of 3.85+ my last three semesters in undergrad)
-LSAT score: 165
-Passed the Patent Bar examination.
-Passed the FE (Fundamentals of Engineering) Examination.
-Took a IP law certification class at another good state university
-Have one conference publication in EE
-Will be working for the USPTO as a patent examiner

I am aware that UGPA/LSAT are all that really count.

I have the following three questions:

1. Which part-time IP law program can I get into in the greater DC area? I.E. Georgetown, George Washington, University of Maryland, American, George Mason?

2. If I wanted to be a patent attorney at the USPTO (i.e.) federal government in the future, does my school pedigree matter?

3. What is the future job outlook (as far as you can tell) in IP law?

Thank you for any advice and for your time.

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