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I have the complete set of the BARBRI books 2010 for OR. In addition, I have the Walton & Emmanual MBE that I will throw, in addition to numerous topic outlines and essay questions which I will throw in for good measure. All good condition; some have hand written notes, but certainly still usable. All one needs to successfully prepare, and pass, the OR Bar Exam. First come, first served. $390 firm. contact email:

 Complete book list:

 Multistate Testing Practice Questions -- Vol.2
 Multistate Performance Test Workbook
 OR In-Class Workbook
 OR Notes
 Simulated MBE -- 2008
 Simulated MBE -- 2010
 Multistate Notes
 OR Essay Testing
 Revised In Class Workbook Handouts
 Multistate Essay Exam Workbook
 Multistate Testing Practice Questions -- Vol 1
 MBE Preview
 Conviser Mini Review
PMBR Multistate Workbook -- Vol. 2
 MBE Early Bar Prep
 Professional Responsibility
 Strategies & Tactics for the MBE -- Walton & Emmanuel
 Numerous, additional essay questions
 Outlines of topics

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