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Hi jack24,

Thank you for the candid honesty. I won't make excuses for my poor scores. I agree. It will be an uphill battle. I have spoken with some attorneys in juvenile dependency and still continue to work on my networking.

Thanks again...

Hi Roald,

Thank you very much for replying so quickly. I take absolutely no offense to your advice regarding the BAR. I agree. It is another concern I have considered. I have a lot to think about and I have been asking for input from everyone. I figure words of wisdom may help.

If you don't mind, can you share some of your background/experience with me?


My profile is I graduated from UCLA with a BA in Psychology with a 2.87GPA in 2006. Married in 2007. Then graduated from Cal State Bakersfield in 2009 with an MSW (Masters of Social Work) and 3.87GPA. I've worked as a Child Protective Services Social Worker and Medical Social Worker for the past 5-6 years.

I have been taking the LSAT since 2006. My scores have been 140, 141, 145 and 146 (steadily improving each time).

I am now 29 years old and never accepted into any ABA schools. I was recently accepted into San Joaquin College of Law (SJCL), which is a non-ABA approved school but state accredited. I have been struggling with the decision of attending SJCL and leaving the workforce.

My fear is attending a non-ABA approved school will limit my options post-law school. My other fear is if I don't go I may never get into any ABA approved school and forego my opportunity to attend law school altogether.

As far as career plan, I'd like to get into public interest law, juvenile dependency or health law. I plan on staying in California.

Any and all pieces of thoughts, advice and wisdom would be greatly appreciated.


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