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I am not sure if your just out of undergrad or not, but if you just finished undergrad I imagine employers are not knocking down your door to employ you. The same thing will happen when you graduate law school granted there are fewer J.D.'s than Poli-Sci majors, but nobody is going to come to you. Maybe at Harvard that happens I don't know I didn't go to Harvard, but almost every law school I'm familiar with grads are not inundated with job offers. I know the Tom Cruise movie the Firm makes it seem pretty glamorous, but that is a movie.

I have BA in Economics and MA in Accounting. I am was working for the past 4 years in finance. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to save a lot due to family situation.

The requirement in U of I is 2.0. Same goes with SLU. In fact, even the hefty scholarship I got in Kent Law was a 2.0 GPA req. In fact, Last year I deposited in Kent and deffered (good decision), and back then the req. was 3.25 GPA. But this cycle, no requirement to keep it.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: National Scholar
« on: July 06, 2012, 11:51:52 AM »
@ legend. Very informative post. Thank you.


Thank you both for the informative response.

With respect to the scholarships, neither one has any stipulation aside from maintaining 'good standing' which is equivalent to 2.0 GPA, reasonable by any means.

U of I was ranked 21-23 the past couple of years until the admissions scandal rocketed them to # 35. SLU on the other hand is ranked 99-100 (US News).

The good thing about SLU is that the scholarship they gave me is a name scholarship and supposedly does bring some prestige, at least in the Saint Louis market. On the other hand, U of I does place better in Chicago.

I defiantly agree that both schools are regional, with U of I having a slight edge in reputation nationwide.

Right now, I have $32k debt from my undergraduate and graduate degrees. If I go to U of I, I am looking at barrowing the difference + COL which probably put me at approximately 50-80k in additional debt. All in all I will be looking at 100k in debt from my entire educational career combined.

In SLU...probably worst case scenario 10k a year, so 30k in additional debt. Of course, this case is reduced with 2L and 3L employment.

I wonder if graduating in the top 10%-25% will lend me a good opportunity in either school. I am definitely not in a good financial situation right now, so I wonder if the additional debt is worth it at all.

I do want to have good choices in the long run, and I wonder if I can get that from either of these two schools.

Noone can weigh in on this topic?

Greetings Everyone,

My first post here   ;D

I am faced with a dilemma. I am currently trying to nail down a decision which is to choose between a three year tuition scholarship from Saint Louis University (1843 Scholar 'name scholarship') versus 66% tuition scholarship from the University of Illinois at Urbana.

I guess the decision comes down partially to $$$ from T3 school vs. $$ from T1.

Any thoughts about what do you perceive to be the better option? Just to give a general idea, I am not sure I want to practice in Saint Louis or the Midwest for that matter after graduation.

Thank you.  :)

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