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Choosing the Right Law School / Nova Southeastern v. Stetson???
« on: May 17, 2012, 12:02:27 PM »
Hey so I am from the Tampa area and I have been accepted to both schools. I know Stetson is the better school but I am torn on which to choose because I am factoring in certain details.

It is a tier 3 law school.
The school itself was much more impressive than Nova. Better professors, more social events, etc.
I do not like the location and I don't want to get stuck practicing law in the Tampa area, although I do have a few readily available connections in the area.
The attrition rate is about 4%

It is tier 4.
The law school is just one building and seems dominated by the latin community. I was not very impressed with the school itself nor our tour guide.
I absolutely love South Florida and I want to live and practice law in Miami.
I received an $18,000 scholarship from Nova but the attrition rate is about 23% which makes me nervous.

Overall, I have no idea which school to choose and any advice would help. Should I go for the better, more expensive school in a bad location or the cheaper tier 4 school in the location I plan on staying at?

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