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Thank you for your response. I'm good at regular math (algebra, basic computation, trig....just not calc). I've tried my hand at the logic section the LSAT for practice...answered most of them right.

A 2.0 gpa for my entire freshman year. (1.9 first semester, 2.1 second specifically). I don't have any excuses. But if you want any, I've been dealing with a case of mild depression that I have gotten over now that I have found my real path. I tried to force myself into the the whole pre med crap being that I have relatives who influenced me towards it, even though I have never been proficient in math or science.  Call it being immature and idiotic, failed precalc and got a D in gen bio first semester and then failed precalc AGAIN second semester. Long nights of thinking have led me to believe that I should not force myself through these math/science courses and instead focus on my excellent writing, reading, and speaking skills. I've realized I found my calling in law as a 19 year old. I know, I messed up. But I've aced all my other classes that don't involve math or science, hence I'll be changing my major. (Human Resource management specifically).

I apologize for the absurdly long post....but are my shots at a t14 school done for due to a terrible start to my undergrad career? Believe me, it's 4.0 or die from here on out..I've got too much riding on me. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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