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Incoming 1Ls / Drop class? Graduate Transcript
« on: March 22, 2012, 07:23:24 PM »
Hi all,

First time poster, thanks for reading. I've been accepted to a T100 law school that I really like and am ready to attend next fall. I was kind of just biding my time in my current graduate program because it filled in gaps in my resume and opened up a few job opportunities. I did well my first semester in grad school and sent along my graduate grades and informed them I was on schedule to receive my grad certificate prior to law school (didn't say it was for sure).

Anyway I bombed a pop quiz we had today and missed one of the assignments (didn't read the syllabus today  :-\). I currently have a 100 in the class but needless to say I'm freaking out, especially with the addition of a new assignment I'm really bad at. This certificate thing really means very little to me compared to law school, I'm just doing it to be doing it. Thus I am worried that I will get a poor grade and my acceptance will be rescinded. I'm not even sure if I am required to send my graduate certificate or if they even care since it doesn't affect my LSDAS GPA at all. I looked at my admissions schedule and it doesn't say anything about sending transcripts, still I don't want to be dishonest either even though I didn't make any promises about getting my certificate or getting all As etc. Should I seriously worry about this or am I just being paranoid as far as law admissions go?

Appreciate the advice,

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