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Law School Admissions / Question about undergraduate W's
« on: December 13, 2013, 03:23:04 PM »
I am an undergraduate student and I received a 170 LSAT. However, I have yet to send in my transcripts to LSAC. I have a 3.3 transcript gpa, but expect slightly lower since they do an absolute gpa.

I am very concerned about the undergraduate course withdrawals (W's). At my school, they do not count in the gpa, so to me, that seems like they would be non-punitive. There is even a link on the LSAC website, called Interpretive Guide to Undergraduate grading systems under publications, where you can type in your school and it tells you what LSAC omits, and they have Ws from my school listed as omitted.  On my school transcript key, they have a list of grades on the key (AU, I, W) listed in the grades that don't effect gpa section.

The reason I am worried, is because there seems to be a lot of confusion on here about withdrawals counting as punitive. Is this just an arbitrary thing? A representative told me that each school gives them info on how to treat each grade.  so my questions:

1). Is there anyone on here that had a W (not WF) and LSAC counted yours as an F?

2). Is that Interpretive guide link, where you can type in your school accurate?

Law School Admissions / how does LSAC handle W grades from Kent State?
« on: March 02, 2012, 11:04:59 AM »
Hi, I am interested in applying to law school next Fall....I was just wondering if anyone could tell me how Withdrawal grades from Kent State University are interpreted by Law School Admission Council? Yes, the W grades are non-punitive but where I am worried is because W grades are factored into attempted hours on transcript. Anyone on here graduate from KSU as undergrad? If so, how did LSAC handle your W's on your Law School report. Please help me! I called LSAC and couldnt get any answers.

I am getting ready to apply to law school with a fairly decent gpa. However, I have a number of course withdrawals which I will address in an addendum. The withdrawals are medical withdrawals which are from a situation beyond my control. I am worried about how LSAC is going to handle these withdrawals. Clearly, these are not punitive Withdrawals since they had no effect on my gpa, but the transcript lists attempted hours for the withdrawals on on the LSAC website they say, Failure is defined as credit attempted but not earned. Has anyone been in this situation where the transcript lists attempted hours for your W's? If so, did LSAT count these as F's? Please help me. I cant get an answer. I called LSAC and they couldnt answer my question. My undergraduate institution is Kent State University.

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