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Minority and Non-Traditional Law Students / Really old new mom
« on: February 16, 2012, 06:07:28 AM »
I'm a 41 yr old new mom and I'm far from making the money I need to have the lifestyle and opportunities I want for myself and my family. I hear everyone saying that after law school, you will make less money than you do now. Well, I doubt that is my situation. I have a mid level government job in an interesting area but no opportunity for advancement. I have considered law school my entire life but never had the tools or support. It seems to me that people I cross in my field who have a law degree, are catapaulted to the top of our field even though they are not doing anything remotely related to law. I;m interested why no one talks about that possibilty. Get a law degree and then just continue in your field but with far more credentials and clout. If I could just be at the top of my field and salary range for my field I would be happy. And many people have masters degrees in Public Administration, etc. so getting a degree like that woudln't give me a lew up. I think a law degree would. Please tell me what you think? Oh and can you gop to Law School part time?

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