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Colleges and universities will count the JD (brick and mortar) as a doctoral degree for accreditation and tenure track purposes.  They will grant the JD equivalency for these two issues.  However, if the teaching position requires a doctoral degree the JD is NOT an academic/subject matter substitute.  The doctoral degree expected is usually the PhD.  Sometimes other doctoral degrees are appropriate including the EdD, DBA, DSc, etc.

The JD or other professional doctorates (MD, PsychD, DPT, PharmD, etc.) are usually not considered in the same league unless the person has significant research, career and/or publishing experience.

So when looking to use the JD degree (or any other doctoral degree) to teach in"related fields" it may be darn near impossible to find such a position given the number of people with appropriate credentials in the field who also apply for the same job.

Just my abbreviated two cents.

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