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Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Belmont.... Risky?
« on: December 10, 2011, 03:38:10 PM »
Isn't Alberto Gonzales going to teach there next year?

I think retaking the LSAT is good advise. You have an excellent GPA and if you retake the LSAT you could go to Vandy or certainly east tenn.   If you just kind of reviewed a study guide before taking it like most people do, consider a full LSAT course, then you'll probably rock 160's easy. I can assure you that most people who are at tier 1 law schools didn't just wake up and make 170 on the LSAT, they put in several months of work. The LSAT isn't a difficult test, and if you put in the time to prepare you can do really well.

As for Belmont, I have heard good things about the university as a whole.  They are sick rich.  They are building a new building for the law school for a few million dollars etc.  They have a pretty rich alumni network also.  I don't think there is any real question that they will obtain ABA accreditation.  I think it is a fine option, not much more risky than east tenn probably.  But don't sell yourself short, if you want to go to a more prestigious university, put the work in and get there!

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