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This LSAC information has been EXTEMELY helpful, thank you for directing me here!

I appreciate the vote of confidence, and I realize my post did make me seem a tad unambitious. The truth is I just try and be as much a realist as I can; I know I may never get into Harvard or Duke, but a good school would be fine for me. Nevertheless, thanks for the reassurance.

Hello everyone, first time poster, long time reader. I need some guidance; I graduated from a good school with a 3.2 GPA in philosophy. It was not the BEST GPA, but I also managed to come away with two very solid letters of recommendation, as well as two professional letters of recommendation from former employers, I never failed a class or got below a C (only 5 C's in my college career, a lot of B's), I worked for a year in a psych lab doing undergraduate research, I worked a full-time job all throughout my time in college and I scored very well on the LSAT (168). I also did freelance IT work and earned a teaching certificate in the state of Florida (no REAL teaching experience, I just did it for the resume booster). I also took the GRE and scored well on it, if that at all has any bearing. I have very modest ambitions, I simply would like to go to a good, accredited law school that will afford me a better than decent chance of getting a good job after I graduate. I am not looking to crack the world open with my brilliance, but I would love to practice law professionally. I attribute the average GPA to some economical/emotional hardship I faced toward the end of my time in undergrad. I am not ashamed of my performance in undergrad, but I know I could have done better. My question is what kind of chance do I have with these qualifications of getting into a good, accredited school?

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