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Choosing the Right Law School / Re: National Scholar
« on: July 02, 2012, 08:41:11 PM »
Im not saying this to be mean but re-take the lsat. You might as well try to get a higher score since it is too late to apply for the cycle that just passed. You have until October to prepare. While you have good softs, they dont really matter in the end. I got a full tuition scholly at the T2(tier 1 now I guess) school that I applied to. I have very poor softs. People with awesome softs, same GPA and 1 point lower lsat score received substantially less money at my school(half tuition). 1 fricking point lower. Its counter intuitive I know, but it is the way it is.

The lsat is simply the most important factor, followed by GPA(you have a good one), and then URM status. Maybe military service or staring a successful business gives you a small boost but outside of that most softs dont matter.

I emailed the dean directly. Im not judging you, Im just clarifying for anybody who was wondering as I was skeptical at first too. Also I think it is now an ABA requirement that schools give full disclosure on scholarship retention stats/requirements. Even still the huge class size at Brooklyn scares me(not for scholarship purposes). Same for Fordham. I get a bad vibe from schools with giant class sizes(except for Harvard and the like obviously) in an already saturated legal market.

Guys it IS the top 80% at Brooklyn. I received the same deal. It is actually all laid out on the website for admitted students after you log in. I guess they received enough bad press from section stacking that they changed their policy.

Fordham probably gives you around a 20% shot at biglaw rather than a 10%. IMO in this legal market Fordham is a trap school. It has the reputation that makes kids willing to give up their scholarships at lower ranked schools but doesnt have the placement to match.

From law school transparency:
Fordham long term legal employment:68%
under employment: 21%

long term legal employment: 59%
underemployment: 21%

So basically 10% more of the class is getting big law/clerkships. I dont think it is worth 200,000.

Honestly the only thing I care about is job placement. Brooklyn scares me a bit because they have a much bigger class size and it seems that St. John's actually places better. I dont know what to do.

I confirmed it with the dean of admissions, since I didnt believe it at first either. Here is the email he sent me:

Lisle Scholarship………………………..$8,900

Academic Achievement Sclrsp... $8,250

Centennial Grant……………………..  $3,000


Dean’s Merit Scholarship……….. $24,850

Subtotal …………………………………………….$45,000  To retain these, you must stay out of the bottom 20% of the class.


Stipend………………………………………$5,000  To retain this, you must remain in good standing.


It is also on their admitted student's website. This is a new policy. It was different for the last 3 incoming classes.

Im not sure, as I might be able to stay with family who is 20 minutes away from Brooklyn law and 30 minutes away from St. John's.

Im considering retaking the lsat since I didnt study enough and basically took it hungover. Then again I dont really want to do big law and I want to go to law school for free to avoid debt. With my 3.6 GPA, I am not sure if I would get a full scholly from any higher ranked school in NY even with a higher lsat.

I was all set to go to St. Johns, put my seat deposit down and everything. I just got a scholarship upgrade from Brooklyn. Now according to St. John's actually has slightly better stats in regards to employment. They are also much more transparent. However the renewal stips for Brooklyn are much better.

The stipulation is top 80% for Brooklyn to renew and top 40% at St. John's to renew all of it.

I have about ten days to put down a deposit for Brooklyn if I want to go there.

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