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Law School Admissions / GPA Question, Please Help!
« on: September 05, 2011, 02:34:52 PM »
Hello, I am currently entering my 3rd year in my undergrad degree. I know law school takes into account your GPA mostly from the last two years. So far I only have my first two years marks. I am very confused as to how to calculate my GPA (just so I have a ball-park figure to work from for the next two years). I was looking at the Law school gpa conversion chart but still slightly confused.

My university does marks by % and the gpa's aren't out of a 4. scale, it's a percent out of 100 :S

Here is my transcript from the first two years (yes, I realize my first year was brutal but I'm aiming to keep my last two years up). I have no idea what my GPA would be??:

*note, in Ontario, Canada, an 80% and up is an A, though it looks like it's way lower on the conversion chart...which confuses me.

09FW    CRJS-1087-FA001  Intro to Criminal Justice                      76   
        ENSC-1005-FW001  Intro to Environmental Science                 76   
        PHIL-1115-FW001  Introduction to Philosophy                     78   
        PSYC-1106-FA003  Intro. to Psychology I                         77   
        SOCI-1016-FA001  Introduction to Sociology                      85   
        ANTR-1006-WI001  Introduction to Anthropology                   81   
        POLI-2707-WI001  Canada and the World                           88   
        SOCI-1017-WI003  Sociological Analysis                          82   
                                                                       _____       _____
                     Session Totals:                                    79.7   

10FW    POLI-1005-FW001  Intro. to Political Science                    88   
        POLI-2106-FA001  Great Political Questions I                    88   
        POLI-2706-FA001  Canadian Politics                              88   
        SOCI-2016-FA001  Classical Sociological Theory                  88   
        SWLF-1005-FW001  Social Welfare & Development                   86   
        POLI-2107-WI001  Great Political Questions II                   83   
        SOCI-2017-WI001  Contemp Sociological Theory                    96 
        SOCI-2036-WI001  Intro. to Social Gerontology                   84   
                                                                       _____       _____
                     Session Totals:                                    87.5       

Studying for the LSAT / When should I take my first LSAT test?
« on: August 29, 2011, 08:29:12 PM »
I am currently about to go into my 3rd year of undergrad and I was wondering when is a good idea to take the LSAT. After scoring pretty low (145) on my first practice test,  I am not opposed to taking the LSAT twice if my score isn't good.

I heard I should take it in June and Sept/Oct of next year as the deadline is November.  Or should I take it this Feb?

Studying for the LSAT / First Practice Test score
« on: August 29, 2011, 03:27:23 PM »
I am going into my third year of my undergrad and am seriously considering law school (in Ontario, Canada). I've been told to write my first LSAT in June after my third year just incase I need to re-write. I've just completed my very first practice test today and am pretty upset with my score (145). Meaning I pretty much failed each section (except one, the Logical Reasoning).

From what I have read, it seems people can increase their score through studying, etc. I still have yet to purchase any study guides and materials.

Just out of curiousity, what was everyone's very first initial score from a practice test, and what was their final score on the actual LSAT test?

I'm crossing my fingers for some hope that I can improve (lol). :-\

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