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Fincavigia is just a racist flame. I take back everything I've said thus far.

Between being Paris Hilton and one of those poor Mexican maids, if I was applying to law school, I'd like my odds of being a poor Mexican maid. They will both do poorly on the LSAT but at least the mexican maids will get some points added and then probably get a free ride.

"I wasn't aware that this consensus had been reached."---- monili

How could you possibly believe that this consensus has not already been reached? It isn't a coincidence that URM's get into top schools with below average scores. It's not like every URM has an outstanding list of extracurricular activities that compensates for their low scores. It's just a matter of fact, URM's get at least ten points added to their lsat score just for being a minority. Look at the data on, that website makes it conclusive that the consensus has in fact been reached and their is no arguing this. Minorities have a much easier time getting accepted to professional schools. Fact. End of discussion.

Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / Re: Georgetown Preview Weekend
« on: March 30, 2006, 07:18:21 AM »


GOt my acceptance in the mail and I'm def going to be there. I might be a little late though because I work for the Atlanta Falcons and help out at there training facility in Flowery Branch. My flight gets in one hour before it starts so we'll see if i can be on time. Anyways man, Coleman and Vick are in a scuffle and I got to go break it up. See you there man!!!!!

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