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originally from nyc suburbs.  schools nearby:

-ALL nyc schools - commute time depends on which school.  i'm in queens right now. see approx times below
- SJU (and other Queens schools) - 5-10 mins by car. 
- Midtown city schools - 25 mins by mass transit
- Downtown city schools - 45 mins by mass transit
- Columbia - 30 by car, 45 mins by mass transit
- BLS - 25 mins by car; 45-1hr by mass transit
- Rutgers-Newark, Seton Hall - both 45-1hr away by car
- Pace - 1 hr away by car

'course all these times can vary greatly depending on traffic.  but i'm sure that goes without saying on most commute times throughout the country.

Touro School of Law- 15 mins via car or 25 via mass transit from my house

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