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Job Search / Chances of Landing Summer Associate Gig
« on: July 06, 2011, 11:15:16 AM »
Before pitching my question, here is some background for reference.  I currently finished my 1L year at a tier 4 school.  I was
accepted to some respected tier 1 universities; however, unexpectedly, I received a full scholarship from a tier 4 school.  I consulted the partners at the firm where I was previously employed, and the overwhelming advice was to take the money.  Being in a financially
tight spot, and with little assistance from my parents, this is exactly what I did.  After my first year, I have met my grade
requirements to keep my scholarship and finished within the top 25% of my class.  In addition, I made both Moot Court and International Moot Court (results for law review are still pending), and am the president of two established organizations.  I am currently interning at a patent firm in Europe this summer.

Here痴 my worry: I am beginning to look for summer associate positions with a large firm next summer (particularly within the
Washington, D.C. area).  However, I致e noticed that most of these firms usually employ students attending tier 1 universities.  Is there
anything I can do when applying to for these positions to make myself standout or minimize the fact that I attend a low-tier university?  I am concerned that many firms will have an extremely hard time overlooking this fact, despite my experience and resume.
I realize that competition is extremely high when applying for these positions.  Likewise, I understand that other applicants have
resumes that are equivalent, if not better, than mine.  I知 aware that one of the tradeoffs of attending a lower-tier university in exchange for money is the loss of possible job prospects.  However, I知 determined (as I知 sure all other law students are) to obtain a summer associate position next summer, despite these obstacles.

Any advice would be highly appreciated.  Recommendations regarding other possible routes of legal employment are welcomed as well.  One approach I知 considering exploring is alumni connections, but this will probably take me only so far.  Law school is competitive, and I知 aware that, at the end of the day, the accomplished are all vying for the same positions.  However, I知 holding out hope that there is a way to make myself standout, despite the status of the university I attend.  Thanks in advance!

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