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Anyone have any suggestion in which school? I was offered pretty much a half off scholarship discount at Charlotte law which is a pretty new law school located in Charlotte NC and just got its full accreditation in the min time. Also go accepted to Pace Law School in White Plains NY but was only given $4grand. So if I choose Charlotte I'll probably end up with a 80K debt rather than a 140K debt if I attend Pace Law. I understand Pace Law is a better school but which the job outlook, would it be better to attend Charlotte law instead? The scholarship charlotte is giving out is base on performance, so as long as I can maintain a 3.0GPA i will receive that money yearly. Also they offer academic scholarship as well after the first year which is offer to top 15%, top 10% and top 5%. The 5% of course getting the most money. I grew up in NY and would love to stay in NY, but being realistic here and seeing how the economy is, is charlotte law a better option? Beside I am thinking there are way too many law school in NY for one to really compete with. I know there are a total of 7 law school in NC, so which would you guys choose? I am not looking to go into biglaw firm or anything. I am interested in practicing criminal law and doing public interest work. Especially helping those that can't afford to do so and to help people are pretty much don't understand our system of law. Anyway any suggestion or opinion is appreciated. Thanks.   

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