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I am wondering the same thing - I tried, but it just has a pop up about the Feb 2009 application period being closed...kind of odd, since, you know, it's March.  If anyone knows how we're supposed to go about working on our bar apps, please post!

Job Search / Re: Does anyone have any insight into these firms?
« on: July 28, 2008, 12:16:34 PM »
I'm a summer associate at Mayer Brown (NY) right now.  The firm is really great - I'm interested in litigation, which is super busy right now, and there are wonderful people in this practice area - I especially like the younger litigation associates, they are really friendly, and open with advice. The partners are also great: twice now I've had two different litigation partners (neither were partners for whom I was working) stop in my office just to ask if I'd like to go to court. Which, in my mind, is pretty cool. But then, I really like watching court. I haven't had much personal one-on-one time with the people in corporate/finance, but my officemates have, and they also seem to really like the people. The peeps in tax apparently rock, and they have lots of lunches and happy hours. I don't like tax, but I like the tax people.

Re: Goodwin Proctor - I almost went to Goodwin. I really liked the people I met; and I've heard from friends that have lateralled in to the NY office that they are really happy. I honestly probably would have gone there if it hadn't been for the move (Goodwin moved to the West side - 9th Avenue, somewhere in the 40's - last Spring). I know, I'm weird about location.

Re: Chadbourne - I would have killed for a call back at Chadbourne, but they only gave them to 2-3 people from my school. There are a few people from my school who summered there last year and raved about what a party it was. Apparently it's a monumentally fun place to work. Litigation isn't their big thing, though, so keep that in mind - if you're not a corporate/bankruptcy type, you may not love it so much.

I have friends summering at Schulte and Baker this summer, I'll ask them to post...

Good luck!

Hey all -- Just FYI -- I'm also deciding between W&L and W&M -- if money wasnt a factor, I think I'd be at W&L in a heartbeat, but I'm hesitating since its literally tens of thousands more in total...

Anyway, some people were posting about reputation -- I work at a big law firm in NY right now, and had the same question. I met with the head of recruiting in our HR dept (oh, connections), and she definitely said they pay attention to rankings: When it comes to such small outside-of-NY schools, W&L definitely has a better reputation. Yes, a few of my atty's said "Isnt W&M better?" because they had heard of it more, but I think all in all, W&L has a better rep (assuming it keeps the higher rank in the next 3 or 4 years).

Just a thought....Now to wonder whether that edge is worth so much money...ugh...

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: W&L vs. W&M...please help!!
« on: April 10, 2006, 09:41:36 AM »
So here's a somewhat obnoxious but honest question. Between W&M and W&L, I'm leaning toward W&L - even though it is going to cost me tens of thousands of dollars more (and yes, I'm supporting myself completely on my own) and I don't drive - because I love the size, and because I already feel so welcome and positive there (especially in comparison to W&M, where my visit was pretty impersonal, and the Director of Admissions doesn't return my emails, etc etc)....My concern? I'm liberal. I'm not a soapboxer or anything, but I'm wondering how frustrating it is going to be to hang out and go to class every day in a place where almost everyone is white and almost everyone is southern and conservative. Again, I really enjoyed my visit there, but I definitely noticed glaring differences between how students and professors spoke about women (during a mock client-attorney clinic, a male-female co-counsel interviewed a male client and the woman literally didnt get to speak at all -- the male client wouldnt even acknowledge her) and couples ("man and woman", "boys and girls" -- like no kidding -- I've been working in nyc biglaw for 2 years -- you would never hear something so politically incorrect!! And that was during a W&L mock oral argument...oh my) -- anyway -- Yeah, I mean, everyone was really nice to me, but in addition to -- "You actually want to come here?? But you're from New York!!" and explaining that during my undergraduate years I was president of the Tufts Feminist Alliance -- okay, I just felt a little alienated. Nobody said ANYTHING offensive, but again, I was there for all of a day or two. I'm just looking for some honest opinions about how this all plays out in the actual experience of a W&L law student? Can anyone help? Again, I'm playing devil's advocate to myself -- I just want to get rid of my last inklings that I'm making a poor decision -- Thanks!

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / W&L vs. W&M...please help!!
« on: April 05, 2006, 10:25:34 AM »
Hi all...I know that there have been a few of these "W&L vs. W&M" posts already, but my situation doesn't quite match those already posted (I'm not married, I'm not worried about working in NYC after law school, since I'm coming from here)....

Basically, I'm in at both schools. They are giving me comparable funds (W&M reigns cheaper, but the grad fellowship I landed requires me to work, etc, which compromises the "experience"). I have visited both schools - had more fun at W&L, but W&M clearly has more of everything (resources, technology, clubs, etc). I like that Lexington/W&L is so small, but also love that W&M is so (So SO!) much more diverse.

Can anyone lend a hand? I need to get my decision in soon!! Like in a few days!! Is anyone out there from W&L, or can anyone offer any really good reasons to choose one over the other? Please help...

Thanks all --

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