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Choosing the Right Law School / Re: NCCU
« on: June 06, 2006, 11:26:05 AM »
Do you know when the deposit deadline is for those who got accepted? I'm WL'ed and I thought that might help me know when I'll hear. Are you still waiting on a first decision?? Good luck!

Wow, after that pep talk for Pinky, I need to give it right back to myself. Waitlisted at my top choice, NCCU, just a minute ago when I came home and got the mail. UGGGHHHH. I went into this process thinking I was smart, ready for law school, excited.Now I'm waitlisted at 3 T4 schools. I WANT to go to law school still because I know I'll do really well. I want to work with kids, child advocacy, something along those lines. I just sucked at the LSAT..twice. Any advice? A continued letter of interest is of course in the works and possibly an update letter from my boss at work (he is really supportive of all this).
Matthies - are you around this week at all? Remember that offer of advice if I don't get in anywhere this year and what I should do to become a more attractive applicant next year, I might need that! Thanks.

So sorry about USD, but just keep reminding yourself that you were not rejected. You want it so bad, I think it will happen. Waitlists are funny things, I CRIED (yes, I'm 24 and I cried) last week over my NESL WL. It's not even my top choice school, but the frustration just boiled over. I was okay after about 2 days.

I guess maybe look at it like, now there is stuff you can DO, like sending them more info, letter of continued interest, etc. I know for me, the sitting back, not being proactive stance you have to take once apps are out killed me. You've definitly made it apparent on LSD how much you want this, now you get to tell it to people that matter. I hope they see that and take you ASAP!


I framed my ding from Harvard, i applied just so i could get that letter, its right abouve my study desk, and everytime I feel like I hate LS or want to quit, or screw off, I see that letter, and it pisses me off, and I go back to working twice as hard as before. :)

As usual, Matthies knows what's up. What a great motivator. May not work for everyone, but I understand that sentiment. My UNC ding is up on my fridge.

Pinky, I know what you mean about the WL's. It feels sorta weird to me to be like, oh please keep me in mind. I'll hold out any hope and wait until the last minute. Like a girl who says yes to a drunken booty call at 2am...except its Law School  ???

Wow, makes me glad I didn't take powerscore, what a feminine hygiene product. So, you become hyper critical of everything your bf or gf says? How can you even expect to related to ANYONE with that kind of attitude? I hope that guy just teaches 20 year old kids and isn't a lawyer dealing with clients. Yikes.

A guy SHOULD want his own space. But if you feel like living together would be suffocating when you are both as busy as you say you are, then maybe its not right for you. After 2 years, I'd hope you like this person..sounds like you do...maybe its the ultimatum making you NOT want to? Like you are giving into her? Had you ever considered it on your own?

As to the question about can it be done succesfully...I have friends who have done it. He is done with school now and they are getting married this Sept. She definitly busied herself and really understood the concept that time doesn't equal love when you are in school and he made it clear he was working hard for both of them, for a good future. It also may help to know that they lived together for a year before LS started...

You gotta do what's right for YOUR situation.  :)

Don't live with her.  You're going to be very busy with 1L, and she'll probably get lonely and have an affair. Do you want that happening in your own bed?

If you go through with this insanity, here's a hard-earned piece of advice: if your GF suddenly decides to switch to unscented laundry detergent and dryer sheets, it's because she doesn't want you to notice that she's laundering the bedsheets 4-6 times per week while you're slaving away in the library.  Make fabric softener a deal breaker.

Disregard this advice at your own peril . . .

Ouch, sounds like somebody got burned. Sorry about that dude. Rest assured, not all girls are cheating liars!

To the OP: My bf of 2 years is moving with me wherever I get in. At first I had the same question as you...can I study? Right now we don't live together, but see each other on Wednesday nights (for LOST) and Fri, Sat, Sun. We live about 5 blocks away, is no issue. Anyway, upon visiting schools, I was told that you might have class from 11-3 or some variation on that. Point being, you aren't in class ALL day, so treat it like a job (I've been out of UG for 2 yrs) stay on campus, work in the library, study. I'm assuming she'll be at work 8-5, 9-6, whatever. Plus if she meets friends, goes to the gym, runs errands, etc. you should have time to get studying done. Sure you may need a few extra hours at night to read or study, but if she likes to read, there ya go. You've still got dinner together and maybe Saturday's for a few hours.

I've never lived with anyone but girls through college, so this will be a first for me too. Best of luck and remember to pick your battles!

Haha, I got my Suffolk WL back on March 17th. I went complete there on Feb 8th. Hoping for NCCU to come through this week. More and more I just dread spending 3 more years in SUCH an expensive city (I've lived in DC for 6 years). I know what you mean about withdrawing, but when I think about all the money I spent on app fees, I want my decisions! Can I ask what other school you are thinking of attending? Congrats on the acceptance and good luck...hopefully they send you something good soon! What area of the country are you looking to live in?

Law School Admissions / Re: THE SUB 150 CLUB...WE DESERVE A THREAD!
« on: April 10, 2006, 10:46:01 AM »
Does everyone really have to preface their posts by saying "I didn't score below 150..."  That's really upsetting, and I'm not going into why.   

yes it is.

I think the intent there was to show that not everyone who scored above a 150 thinks they are better/smarter/elite, etc. I mentioned it to show MY OWN law school perspective. I am still waiting on my first acceptance, after 8 rejections and 2 waitlists, so in no way was it meant to be an ego boost for myself! I think it was to show support if anything! I scored above a 150 (slighhtly) and feel that everyone who is brave enough to take on this law school ordeal is deserving of respect and at LEAST one thread on LSD. LSD has made me I'm ON LSD (kidding). But it can make you sort of paranoid and crazy if you let people upset you. Norcaldude's attitude is a little bit beyond me, hence why I tried to get more of an explination out of him regarding his "negative investment" theory. 
It might interest someone to know that I've asked my bosses and they've let me know that pay would dramatically increase if a candiate has a masters or law degree on his or her resume. I'd be stunned if I don't make more than 35K after I have graduated from law school, even in public interest or another traditionally low paying legal field.

It would be awesome to see some kids on here who've scored lower than 150. I KNOW they are getting into law school. LSN is proof of that. I'm actually sort of interested to know why people's prefaces have upset intent was never to offend. 

Law School Admissions / Re: THE SUB 150 CLUB...WE DESERVE A THREAD!
« on: April 07, 2006, 02:03:51 PM »
I actually think that is an excellent analogy.

Some kids are turning down t-14 schools because they got money at T2 or 3's, kids applying to T3 and T4's may have the 20,000+ to invest. Also, I'm not sure who on this board is out of college...but I've been out for 2 years and am making quite enough to live by myself, have a car and go out now and then. Plus I live in DC, one of the most expensive places in the country. I guess I'm just critical of the "you won't make enough" argument. Enough to whom? Enough to pay back loans? Enough to buy a house? There are Cooley grads who work at McDonalds and there are Cooley grads that make 6 figures. I understand wanting a return on your investment, but not even trying to see what you can make of yourself? That seems pathetic.

As I said, I'm not sub 150, so I'm not defending myself, nor do I mean to critisize you. One of my biggest pet peves however, is people who just LOVE to shoot down options and ideas.  I appreciate the clarification you gave though. I guess I recognize that some people (low or high numbers) really look to this board for support. I mean, I personally find it a little funny when people post where they've gotten in and ask everyone else to help them decide. They just want a little positive feedback. Or maybe their just bored at work like me! Good luck guys :D

Law School Admissions / Re: THE SUB 150 CLUB...WE DESERVE A THREAD!
« on: April 07, 2006, 01:03:21 PM »
I'm a little confused by norcaldude's comment...
Not the best schools, but some of them are decent, and they're acceptances nonetheless. 

Acceptances at those schools don't count unless they come with full fee waivers, because paying for tuition there has a negative present value.  At least at lower Tier 1s, if you think you're smarter than the average student, you *might* come out ahead, even after the tuition and opportunity costs are accounted for.  Not at those schools.  Regardless of other factors.  For most, unless your undergraduate degree is particularly worthless, even attending some of the schools (e.g. Golden Gate, Detroit Mercy...) for zero tuition is a bad investment.

So if you go to a top school(is that what you meant by Tier 1?) and "think you're smarter than the average student" you do well?? Haha, wow, not according to my friends who have gone onto great schools. It's tough. Not really sure what that point was...maybe it's me.

Even the sentence "zero tuition is a bad investment" is funny to me. If you are not paying for school, but simply investing your time and come away with a does that hurt? Clearly these people are interested in investing 3 years in school. I hate to bring up your personal factors, but according to LSN, a 171 doesn't get you into NYU, Berkley or UCLA. Wow, shows that LSAT isn't everything doesn't it.

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