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Does GWU offer scholarships and the like in your 2nd and 3rd years. Are these performance based scholarships or are you basically stuck on your own if you weren't offered a scholarship in 0l? Also, how good is the financial aid office with grants and the like?

Thanks for the expected responses.

Black Law Students / Re: Miss Puerto Rico Crowned Miss Universe
« on: July 24, 2006, 02:58:47 PM »
I was rooting for her(PR) and Miss Trinidad and Tobago (now she was soooo effing fine). I knew Puerto Rico was going to win once TNT didn't make top 5, that girl(PR) was sexxy as hell.

Also hear she fainted afterwards....not a great way to start your reign....

Black Law Students / Re: Black Law Student Discussion Board
« on: July 13, 2006, 10:02:30 AM »
Terrence action was the best to have taken at the time. Cops can be very gangly y'know, if he had tried to fight or anything of the sort, I can see them making up trumped up charges against him and turning it around in their favour. trust me, you don't want to mess with cops in that kinda situation.

Black Law Students / Re: Board Suggestions
« on: July 13, 2006, 09:59:24 AM »
I think the child boards idea is a bit too much.  I think our community of posters is too small to be spread thin across a number of different child boards within on forum.  If certain topics come up repeatedly (HBCU/HUSL questions) then make a sticky.  Others, such as "What are my chances?" don't come up nearly enough in BLSD to warrant an entire board for just those questions.  It will only add more complexity to an already multi-layered site.

But then again, I'm a conservative.  I'm opposed to (radical) change as a matter of principle.  If it ain't broke...

I definitely agree with bolded.

hmmmmm......I'd say go for it!!! If you both think it's worth your while, heck why not?!?!?! Some 19 year olds actually think and act 25 these days so don't count them out completely.

I'm currently drafting mine, which is sad, 'cause I'll miss all my buds at work.....  :'(

Meh, I'm sure there'll be a replacement consultant coming in or being interviewed once the 3-week mark hits.....makes the world go round.

Even the dictionary defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman, why do we still need to argue about the meaning and originality of marriage?!?!?!

I am all for a civil union between man and man or woman and woman where they get the same tax breaks etc as regular married folks. I guess for me it is okay for gays to do whatever they want in their own houses and to be able to get the same financial breaks etc. What I am against is for this union to be viewed as a "marriage". Marriage is a union between MAN and WIFE, which gays do not satisfy and as such, their union should not in anyway be viewed as one.

The phrase, "I pronounce you husband and wife", or "you are now man and wife" (in courtheld marriages), has some meaning to it and this meaning is what the orginial need for marriage comes from, the ability to procreate and create a family borne out of this meaning. Gay unions should never be upheld as marriage and I for one do not believe whatever studies that have shown that children will thrive in a traditional family as well as in a gay family. A child requires nurturing from a mother and a father, the balance that this union presents cannot be measuerd, and yes I do know that more people are being raised in single family homes etc, but do you ever wonder why some kids in these single family homes need a role model of the sex that is missen from their homes?!?!?

I didn't intend to delve too deep into this discussion, like I had mentioned on some other post of mine, I have so much else that I need to be doing. I will leave my torch on this topic to burn out at this point, my views are mine and not everyone has to agree. It is the people who should agree on what marriage should be, and as it is, on more occassions than this, *we*, the people of the US have opposed gay marriage, that must be saying something.

role models can be anywhere. and how is that intuitive? on what basis is that assumption made? i think that blended families and different family structures have always existed. what happened when women stayed in the east and men went west to be cowboys? what happened to the male role model then? (other than brokeback mt. lol) also there are a number of societies where women and men operate in nearly separate spheres. there are polygamous societies where women live with their kids and the husband rotates. the examples of different types of families with male/female role models who are not necessarily married are numerous. i don't think its a seriously pressing judicial concern--maybe we should all have civil unions and just go to your church/synagogue/mosque/temple to have the religious portion. actually thats the best idea about the issue i've heard. but i just think people who are seriously opposed (for religious reasons or otherwise) should just come out and say they're homophobic and heterosexist and leave it at that so they can start to move past it. thats how i deal with it.

Opposing gay marriage has got nothing to do with being homophobic or being heterosexist.....but yeah, see it as you may!!!

do you have a hard time respecting the sanctity of the rule of law with shows like Judge Wopner's Animal court and Judge Judy?

I have a hard time respecting the folks who always manage to end up on shows like that.  Why not just take it to Springer and get it over with?

Shoosh....those folks are actually being smart because at the end of the day, the show covers the cost to whoever loses etc!!! The losers never have to pay any money out of their instead of having their cases heard in regular courtrooms and then paying for the loss based on the ruling, they go on the show and have all of the costs (hotel, airfare, cost from ruling etc), paid for them free of charge. All they have to do is show up in court on TV.

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