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Haha if I sound frantic in my above post, it's because I am.

Here is the bottom line: when I visited Suffolk, I fell in love with the school's building (inside and out)/location. definitely 10 out of 10. During my tour, the students seemed really nice, the tour guide was great, and the people working in the admissions office were very nice and talked to me while I waited for the tour to begin. Also, there are SO different clinic options at Suffolk. SO, in love with the school, BUT I'm not in love with Boston. I think it's beautiful, BUT I fell in love with Chicago when I visited John Marshall. I felt ok about the school. Impressed about the legal writing ranking.

Someone please help :) I want some opinions!!

So, I am having the hardest time deciding between Suffolk University's Law School in Boston and John Marshall Law School in Chicago. I have visited both and honestly, I am stuck. Can someone please give me some advice?? Are one of these schools seen as better as the other? Any advice would be appreciated!

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