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Transferring / What are the Odds? (Fordham / Cardozo)
« on: April 26, 2011, 09:10:05 AM »
FTT in NY to Fordham or Cardozo (or really any respectable school in the Northeast):

3.7, Top 10%,

Have already been accepted to Brooklyn Law as a transfer, wondering if that will give me any leverage as a transfer.  I would assume schools try to sabotage other comparable schools rankings by allowing them to accept people who don't eventually enroll.

Since you went to NYU I'm going to assume you are in the NY market.

Too make a long story short I am at Touro paying half tuition, I finished in the top 10% and they will offer me more money.  I am already on the transfer bandwagon and have been accepted by Brooklyn.  The difference between Brooklyn and Touro over two years would be near 70k, I am wondering if it is worth it.

So I suppose the essence of the question is, do people in the NY firms see a difference between a school like Brooklyn and Touro, or do they view it as Columbia, NYU, Cornell, Fordham, and...the rest
And if they do see a difference, is it better to be top 10% at Touro, or top lets say 40% at Brooklyn.

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Recommended E&Es?
« on: April 03, 2011, 08:13:00 PM »
Personally, I found E&E's pretty helpful, but they shouldn't be your only source of review or completely replace the textbook.

The usefulness of an E&E heavily depends on how your professor teaches the class.  For example, my Civ Pro teacher actually recommended the E&E and it exactly reflected what he taught.  Whereas in Contracts, my professor heavily favored the Restatement over any other authority, and the Contracts E&E would discuss the UCC at great lengths (you'll learn this nonsense when you're in school, don't sweat it now).  The Torts one was decent, and I personally found Sprankling on Property more helpful than the E&E.  But the main point is that 1) it depends on how the professor teaches the class, and 2) it is a supplemental, it doesn't completely replace a textbook / hornbook.

Transferring / Re: Touro to...some other place in NY
« on: March 26, 2011, 11:15:42 AM »
Touro's expensive tuition and abysmal job prospects make it a school that all applicants should avoid. Even if one is lucky enough to be one of the few that receives a full ride, attending another school will undoubtedly be better for one's career prospects.

This worries me.  Top law schools don't have a dog in the hunt, they are trying to help students decide.  Moreover, jumping from Touro to BLS is not jumping from 7th to 5th.  Touro, after Brooklyn, is also considered worse than SJU, Hofstra, Pace, NYLS, Albany, SUNY Buffalo, Rutgers, Seton Hall, and arguably CUNY Queens (in terms of schools primarily feeding the NYC job market).  Its a sizable leap.

Additionally, I could really care less about "big law".  As a matter of fact, I don't think I would enjoy it at all.  However, I have spoken to Touro grads who speak of a stigma attached to people coming out of Touro, regardless of rank.  They that Touro grads cant get A job, let alone a great job.  I don't care if my starting salary isn't 160k or if I am working with blue chip companies.  I do care if my degree commands a modicum of respect in the legal community

Transferring / Re: Touro to...some other place in NY
« on: March 25, 2011, 02:13:12 PM »
Thanks for the advice.  I emailed some people at a couple of the Big Law firms in NYC.  Hopefully that will give me a clearer picture of what the market is like.  However, a couple of the firms didn't even have Touro listed as a search criteria  :-\ womp

Transferring / Re: Touro to...some other place in NY
« on: March 24, 2011, 02:12:04 PM »
Okay, firstly, I don't know where some people are getting there info but Brooklyn Law School is not in Bedstuy.  It is in Brooklyn Heights (way west of Bed Stuy), which is a pretty affluent part of Brooklyn (1900 a month for one bedroom apartment).  I'm not concerned about that in the slightest.

However, I did some research on OCI interviews.  These figures are from, so I can't attest to their veracity, but they seem pretty damn "jump worthy".

Total Law Firms: 149
NY Law Firms: 89
DC Law Firms: 8
CA Law Firms: 9

Total Law Firms: 1
NY Law Firms: 1
DC Law Firms: 0
CA Law Firms: 0

Transferring / Re: Touro to...some other place in NY
« on: March 24, 2011, 07:31:39 AM »
Yes, I am referring to Brooklyn Law.  I will direct you to this artcile, which pretty much says even if you have a full ride at Touro, it is not worth going to. 
You say its not good being at the 5th ranked school in the market, well what does that make Touro. 

SUNY Buffalo
CUNY Queens

BLS has a strong alumni base and a stronger reputation than Touro (which has either no reputation at large firms, or a poor one).  I feel like, what is the point of wasting 3 years of my life in a school (however minimal the debt) to graduate and either not get a job, or a get a job paying 55k (which is what my friends who DIDNT go to law school are making right now).  BLS is far from a guranteed Big Law or Mid Law spot, but at least it gets you in the game.  Touro doesn't...I think

Transferring / Touro to...some other place in NY
« on: March 21, 2011, 08:47:03 PM »
I'm at Touro now (yea, I know), but I finished in the top 10% pretty easily and I have been accepted by BLS as a transfer.  However, I already have 20k off at Touro and I'm confident they will offer me more.  Add to that the fact that while at Touro I can live with my parents, roughly saving me 10k to 15k a year.

So the question is, is it better to stay at Touro paying almost 40k less a year and have a solid chance at finishing in the top 10%; or is it better to switch over to Brooklyn and pay more and be in a more competitive atmosphere.

As far as the peripheral issues go, I don't particularly like Touro's school location or the "campus" atmosphere.  I would really like to live in Brooklyn / be closer to the city / take part in the school's clinics, but I am scared of incurring massive amounts of debt.  Input would be much appreciated.

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