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I would go with University of Colorado, its an excellent school, far superior to Oregon and will leave you with more choices.  It depends what you are looking for though if you are into a special field then go with what has better options for that, but on a basic overview go with CO

Thanks for the opinion! I am leaning more and more towards University of Colorado. I think I really need to visit Boulder itself before making a final decision (and of course financial aid may make a difference).

Thanks guys, this has given me a lot to think about. As far as I've heard, job prospects aren't good anywhere, but it seems to be even more difficult than I thought. Still not sure which school to go with, but I was leaning towards Colorado as far as livability is concerned. I have yet to hear from University of Washington and Lewis & Clark, so right now I guess it's just going to be tough.

But I agree that other factors are equally if not more important right now because of the poor market (I will probably be struggling for jobs anyways). Oregon definitely is at an advantage tuition-wise so far. It's looking more and more like a coin flip is going to be the best bet! Thanks for all your feedback and for helping me think about my career after school is finished as well.

I don't think I'd have a problem working in Denver or Portland. I've read that University of Colorado law students typically are more likely to work in neighboring states, but if that's not true then I may have to wait on these other schools. Do you know of any schools that typically DO get employed in other states for? I am also looking into a JD/MBA but I don't know if this influences the possibility of a job out of those two cities.

So far I have been accepted to University of Oregon and University of Colorado. My decision letter from University of Washington was sent yesterday, but even if I was accepted, I'm not sure I could afford any of these schools. I'm an Arizona resident so it'll be expensive either way. My scores are 156/4.0.

If you had a choice between UO and UC which would you choose?

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