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Choosing the Right Law School / Re: A list of questions
« on: February 18, 2011, 09:05:57 AM »
Wow, I'm thinking OP's trolling.  I wouldnt even know where to start on the first question.  If you're seriously eliminating schools from consideration over your dislike of their name, just don't go to school at all.  I'd hate to see you thrown out of court for mocking a judge's name or alma mater one day, that'd just be a shame.

I just want to have pride in myself and graduate from a school that has a name I can feel good having on my degree.

Choosing the Right Law School / A list of questions
« on: February 17, 2011, 11:23:22 PM »
I do not want to go to a school that I would not be proud to be a graduate of. This would at the least
include T3/T4 schools but I am of the opinion I should after completing college that the lowerr 80% of
Tier 2 shyould be excluded as well and some T1 just because I think the name sucks. Like Vanderbilt.
I hate that name and no matter how respected it may be I would rather go to a sub-par tier 2 just so I could go out
in public and have pride in myself. Or William and Mary. Why can't they just pick one name and stick
with it? William College or College of Mary sure... the name just irritates me. Fordham as well. Yeshiva...
sounds to Jewish for my tastes. As you can see of the law schools in America, considerably more than half I would never consider...

With that being said, if we are to exclude from any serious consideration T3/T4 schools and suppose we
continued this with T2 universities, using the USNWR ranking system at what point do we begin to
separate schools noted as "bad" from those noted as "good" given the factors which the majority of this
forum values in a school such as job prospects upon graduation, regional respect or even national
respect, value of a degree from the institution, and the other many factors? For instance, a graduate of Pace finding an assistant manager
position at Radio Shack beiung an example, at what point would you place the cutoff for schools not having horror stories like
this as a somewhat common reality?

What is your opinion of the University of Kentucky? I use this as my own arbitrary cut-off at roughly
rank #60.

Are there any advantages to looking at top Canadian schools? Are there benefits in the financial aid
system for an American student?

Even if only being a small help, is there an advantage to go to the law school of the university you
graduated from? For instance a University of New Mexico graduate going to UNM's law school?

On an unrelated note, is anyone aware of a free Windows graphing utility to plot functions on a 2D
coordinate plane?

What is the process for selection for Law Review?

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