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This is the greatest time to open new firms, lots of people need attorneys and many are going to use local, low cost attorneys over big firms. I know SEVERAL people who have rented small buildings and started their own firms and all are doing very well for themselves. These people all went to tier 3 schools and made 75-80k net their first year out working for themselves. Now two of these same people are so busy from word of mouth and small amounts of advertising that they have actually hired another attorneys to work for them. Also, when you run your own business you are able to form a llc and pay yourself a very small salary which will allow you to pay the minimum amount on student loans. Eventually the debt will be forgiven and all will be good.

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Why can't I use the search feature on this site? It tells me that searching is not available for the forum I'm trying to search. Is there a minimum post count or something?

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