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It is there policy regardless of your decision.  I was rejected, but I have seen others be accepted with the same "not over the phone" response.  Stay positive and the best of luck to you.

I hate GW Bush too, but these rules were in place before he started to turn our country to *&^%. 

Unfortunately, only ~3K can be deducted.  I think this is the total.  I can't remember. If you go to the IRS website you should be able to find out.  There are two places you can deduct.  So you may be able to squeeze out more than 3K.

I haven't made my decision, but seeing I am already planning a move to Pittsburgh I would think we will be classmates.  Where are you from?  I am guessing PA because of the schools you applied to.

I am in at Pitt and they seem to be the best fit for me.  So unless Villanova forgot to give me a full scholarship, I am Pitt bound.

Remember you signed the application stated that the to the best of your knowledge it was correct.  So don't worry about anything being recinded or the decision making process being altered.  You will be okay.  Take the advice to amend it, but ignorance is okay in this situation.  As the previous person accounted, the BAR may cause a hassle, but they won't disallow you from joining.  Remember you never were dishonest because to the best of your knowledge you were honest.

I have heard anything yet.  I have a 61% chance according to Chiashu, but I am skeptical.  I probably wouldn't attend anyways since they are lagging on their decision. I hate to be dicked around.

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Law School as a Job?
« on: March 10, 2005, 02:36:34 PM »
My plan is just quality time management.  I'll write down when I am going to study for what class and do it.  Then the extra time at home can be used to go over any information that needs more refining.  Writing things down tend to motivate me.  Because I can see in writing that I am either falling behind or on the ball.  Works for me.

seankenn, can i ask what your numbers are?


Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Paying back loans
« on: March 10, 2005, 11:40:29 AM »
$1700 for your COL w/ $425 rent.  You must be a spender.  I take home $1550 monthly w/$700 rent and manage to save 300-400 a month. 

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