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I know this is a reply to a old post but oh wells

KUMUNGHORANGHI--There is a lot of truth to what you say. I'm white married to a Korean here in Korea. Koreans, here at least, are among the most racist group of people I've ever seen, and my wife admits it.
Your whole life you never felt discrimination living in America because your white and being spoon fed your whole life while u treat us like bunnies calling us kung fu masters, slant eyes, etc etc and dont get me started on how you portray us in the media. Now you know how it feels and are now your wondering why we are racist? Give me a fcking break u shitless fck. Korean's dislike foreingers is that u come into our country demanding this and demanding that and whining realize mothafcker this is Korea you respect our culture and our way of living or GTFO. Another example is that you come into our country getting cushy jobs like for a example a ESL teaching position with free apt's just because you can speak english even though 90% of you tards are not qualified to each while Korean's who study their whole life (studying way more than americans) and make bunnies wages and ontop of that your taking our women. Think outside of the box before speaking Jackass. Typical white guy with a asian fetish whining about the Korean culture..

This is how most Korean men view this. Im not speaking for Korean-American white wash disgraces who cant even speak their own native language.

They look down on all other Asians, and virtually anyone of "color"
Chinese = Helping North Korea and they are fcking loud.
Japanese = War & slavery.. most ppl Korean's seem to hate japanese the most. Everytime a sporting event happens that is "Korea vs Japan" everyone is talking about that bunnies.
Flips = Korean's view them as low class
Viet = same as above
Blacks = Korean's view them as low class, violent, scary, ugly
Hispanics = not really sure

But whites they seem to adore. All their ads in magazines and on TV feature whites, even though their market is Asian.
Stop lying to yourself kiddo. I have lived half my life in South Korea and thats a fcking lie. All our ads features white people? Give me a fcking break i rarely i mean RARELY see a white person anywhere advertised in Korea, but ill give you 1 thing they do like white ppl then any other people of color.

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