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Studying for the LSAT / Re: Should I take LSAT again after scoring 167?
« on: January 15, 2011, 08:36:44 AM »
Right now I'm applying to schools with my current stats.  I will start fall '11 semester if I get into the school that I was originally applying to in the first place accepts me.  I really don't see myself waiting for another year.  Thanks for all the thoughtful comments. 

Studying for the LSAT / Should I take LSAT again after scoring 167?
« on: January 14, 2011, 02:14:53 PM »
I scored 167 in December.  It was better than I expected because when took LSAT back in June 05 I only scored 161.  I got 167 only after one month of full time preparation.  I did not do any prep work since my 05 test until about one month before the test.  This score will definitely get into the school that I was planning to apply in the first place.  But I'm a greedy person.  Annoying thing is that my GPA is 3.87.  LSAT 167 and GPA 3.87 are putting me in "reach" of many schools with single digit rankings.  Should I take it again and try to go for 170+ in June '11 so I can have a definite shot of the top 10?

Alright, new list:

Application that I will send out within 3 days
NYU (reach)
Cornell (good chance)
Fordham P/T(high chance)
Boston University (high chance)

Application that I will send out by next weekend:
Benjamin Cardozo P/T (high chance)
Brooklyn Law (safety)

Thanks about Boston U.  US news shows 60% grant for it.

There is a rumor out there that the law schools that you applied to can see your application status of the other law schools through the LSAC.  Is it possible for a school to find out where you got rejected, accepted, or waitlisted once you applied to it?

Thanks for the inputs so far!

I'm deciding to apply to the following schools right now:

NYU (reach)
Cornell (good chance)
Fordham P/T(high chance)
Benjamin Cardozo P/T (high chance)
Brooklyn Law (safety)

Not really interested in schools that I cannot drive to from NYC in 1 day.

Any other suggestions? Should I apply to Tier 2 or 3 schools in NYC just to negotiate good scholarship money?

Apply to schools that appeal to you* as well as Fordham's PT program.  With those numbers and your work experience, there's a good chance you'll receive good scholarship money from places like UIUC and BC.  You can then weigh those options against going to school part-time and/or use them to negotiate aid from other schools.

As for job prospects out of Fordham... if you're interested in BigLaw, it's one of the best outside of the T14.  Lots of top firms participate in OCI there.  One thing to consider, though, is that your last summer, if aiming for midlaw or biglaw, you will want to be a summer associate.  The pay will be decent, but I imagine once you leave your current job (for the summer gig), you won't be able to come back.  Just something to keep in mind when you're crunching the numbers.

I don't think your #3 con to a T14 is really relevant.  While legal employers do seem to like previous work experience, they don't expect you to work during law school.  In top legal jobs, PT programs are the exception, not the rule.  I imagine many non-legal employers recognize this as well.  You will, however, want to work/hold internships in the summers.

*seems like you're interested in staying in the Northeast, but you might want to throw Northwestern on your list.  It might be a bit of a stretch with your LSAT, but they pretty much require work experience and seem to love engineers.  They also placed a higher percentage of their class in BigLaw spots than any other law school last year.

Good luck and congrats!

Yes, I'm very interested in BigLaw.  If the current economic situation continues, I will not give up my job just for an internship in any BigLaw without any guarantee of full-time employment.  I don't want to lose my seniority or vested interest on my 401k plans.  I also know a college mate who gave up his job in a big construction firm for a summer internship in a law firm back in 2008.  He graduated from Seton Hall and the law firm didn't hire him in the end.  So, he really got screwed and had to go back to work as an engineer again for another company.  In general, these days it is best to hang on to what you have. 

The greatest dilemma for me is that I do not hate my current career.  I think I'm getting good pay and regular work hours.  Overtime work also gets premium pay.

I really don't want to risk my current engineering career for an unknown nascent legal career.  I'm working for a major publicly traded company also.  Maybe, I can find a legal position in the corporate hierarchy while going to law school P/T.

Thank you for your thoughts.

If you get top 3 (Harvard/Yale/Stanford), maybe go full time.  If you get the next three, (Chicago, Columbia, NYU) with money, crunch some numbers.  Anything else in the t-14 toss for Fordham PT unless it is near a full-ride.

You can purchase school insurance if you go full-time, so it is not that you will lose medical coverage, it is that you will have to pay more for it.  Might be a big cost factor if you have medical issues or family to support.  That should go in your calculations too.

I think my LSAT and GPA will be a reach for Columbia and NYU because my LSAT is below 25%-75% acceptance score band based on US news.  Of course a no string attached full ride scholarship from T14 will definitely justify giving up my current job.  I'm perfectly healthy and no dependents, but insurance is still a cost to consider nonetheless. 
From US News Stats, I think I'm a strong candidate for Cornell.
Thanks for the response.

I just received a 167 LSAT score (95 percentile) that was higher than I expected after only 40 days of intense review.  I have a UGPA of 3.9 out of 4.0 and graduated in 2006 from a top 5 engineering school.  I also have a 3.7 GPA from Master's program from an Ivy League school.  I have 4.5+ years of work experience.

I know 167 LSAT and 3.9 UGPA can get me into a t-14 school like Cornell, but I want to still keep my current job while getting my law degree.  I currently have a low stress 45 hr/wk job that pays me around $90k per year with full benefits.  I really want to keep my job and all the benefits that come with it.  I was originally just planning to apply to Fordham P/T program, but with my LSAT score.  I'm seriously considering F/T t-14 schools.

I need people to give me advice.  I have listed the pros and cons of each decision:

P/T Fordham pro:
1. Keep my job. (4 yrs X 90 K ) = $360K
2. Continue to accumulate work experience.
3. Best P/T program in NY and 3rd in the nation.

P/T Fordham con:
1. Not a T-14 school. (Not really sure how this will affect job opportunities)
2. One extra year to get a JD. (4 years total)

F/T T-14 pro:
1. Higher ranking and more prestige.
2. Three years to get a JD.

F/T T-14 con:
1. Lose my job and medical benefits.
2. No steady cash income.
3. Stop accumulating work experience on my resume.

I need some input about my situation.  If you are going to Fordham or graduated from there, please put in your two cents also.  All comments will be appreciated.

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