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Law School Admissions / Re: Is becoming a lawyer a possibility for me?
« on: September 02, 2010, 09:33:00 AM »
Question: Is there still a possibility for me to become a lawyer if I just have a GED?

Anything is possible!  But to be a lawyer, you must first go to college and then attend law school  (see LFK Speak Up! question #482).
Many students start at a two-year college. Arizona has one of the best community college systems in the nation.  Check out the Maricopa County Community Colleges website for community colleges in Arizona. Community Colleges donít cost as much as a four-year university and itís a good way to get started in your college career.
After finishing your two-year degree at the community college level, you can transfer to a four-year university like Arizona State University or the University of Arizona. They both offer law programs of study. You donít have to go to ASU or U of A but it may help when you apply to law school. You can earn a four-year degree at several different colleges in Arizona. And you donít have to go to a community college. You can choose to go all four years at a university. Check out these web sites for all of the colleges in Arizona.
Visit the websites of Arizona law schools:
Arizona State University (ASU)
University of Arizona (U of A)
After you finish your four-year degree, you have to apply to law school. Arizona State University and University of Arizona both have Schools of Law. You have to take a special test, LSAT, and fill out an application for law school. It is very difficult to get into Law School, so study a lot and work hard to get good grades when you are working on your four-year degree. It takes three years of law school to complete your law degree. When you are finished with law school, you will take a special test called the ďBar Examination.Ē After you pass the test you will be able to practice law in the state of Arizona.
Anything is possible! Take small steps and someday you will become a Lawyer. Good Luck!
Burlington County Divorce Lawye

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