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150. Pretty upset about it even though I felt good the day of. Should of definitely canceled. Anyone have advice on how I can improve for the December exam in the most efficient way possible? Already sent out e-mails to my schools telling them I am taking the December LSAT if they can please hold review and two of them already are waiting for the December exam. Definitely need all the help I can get please. I'll start by buying old PTs something I didn't really do before time (did about 5 PTs) just studied Bibles and Kaplan practice books.

Hello all,

     I'm just curious as to if anyone on LSD was seeing lower scores on their practice exams, and a bit of large discrepancies (Example: I went from 145 to 155 in one week on different practice exams?). I feel that I did not guess on one question on the real exam, and that it was actually a bit easier than any of the practices I had taken. I went in there thinking I was going to cancel afterwards, and ended up having good gut feeling on the way out of it. I just hope I'm not the only one who went in there not satisfied with practice scores, with hopes that I did better than my practice scores. This is my first LSAT and I know there is one more shot in December, hence why I have not canceled yet. Thank you I appreciate your input and time!

Law School Admissions / Re: 2010-2011 Application Cycle
« on: October 12, 2010, 06:21:53 PM »
I was curious if some law schools make a decision before seeing the LSAT score? I know the October scores aren't out until November 1st, but I am in the process of sending out my applications. Has anyone heard of a circumstance where a LS acted on GPA and recommendations, and accepted a student before even seeing the LSAT score? I know the LSAT score is one of the biggest factors in making the decision, but has it ever occurred that they were impressed enough before time to make a decision? Just curious, thanks everyone.

Hello All,

  I have a picture of me and top politician whom I had worked for while in undergraduate at UAlbany. I think it would be to my benefit to send in this picture because she had wrote a personal recommendation on the picture, yet the LSAC does not accept photographs? Does anyone know how I should go about sending this in to the admissions offices on my own? I was thinking of just doing paper applications but some schools dont allow that and only allow LSAC submission. I'm not sure how to go about sending them this, maybe just creating a general letter asking them to attach it to my application I had submitted through LSAC? Thank you for your help and time!

My circumstance differs a bit but I am just as concerned as you are. On all my practice before the real LSAT I was scoring pretty low and I know I needed more prep so I registered and planned to sit out of this October LSAT. However I noticed the days I took those few practice exams I was on adderrall because I was prepping all day in the book store before from 8 to 6 then class from 6:30 to 10. So I took the online exam the next morning (while not on adderrall) and jumped up from low 140s to mid 150s. I feel as though those things were holding me back, so I locked in and went in there for this exam. It was the first didn't I rarely guessed (maybe just two questions) and I dont  feel overall too bad about it. However, the realistic part of it is that your practice scores are good indicators? So I dont know what to think, but I haven't canceled yet because I felt pretty good about the exam. I think you'll be just fine as I hope I will as well.

Ok so I just got back from the LSAT and I feel like I was way more prepared than I thought I'd be? Although my practice scores didn't look so promising it was the first time I didn't have to guess on any question, and for some reason I have the gut instinct not to cancel now. I used adderrall on a few of practice exams does anyone think maybe that had an adverse effect, seeing that I actually finished the exam? LMAO a bit surprised but I guess will wait and see, if I need to re-take December is still there.

Hey guys I just wanted a last opinion before I decide to go in on saturday. I recently scored in low 150s much higher than my previous practice tests as I have been nailing my weaknesses after every practice exam. I hear that now they take the higher LSAT score, and I know December is the last call for fall 2011 admission. I decided to change my mind and dive into this exam saturday, and if I feel like I was rushed or bombed it just cancel and go all in for December. Any last word of advice on which section to focus on for last call increase? I know LR is half the exam, but I see I can improve on LG. Appreciate your help. Thank you


First off I want to thank you for responding. I have been doing LR past few days in my kaplan book doing practice sections. I figured its 50 points so why not focus there the most. After seeing the point you made about diversifying sections by day your probably right that's my best bet. However the deadline to cancel has passed which is why I am unsure how to go about next weeks lsat exam. Do I no show and get and absence or cancel at test site? I guess its safe to say after seeing your opinions don't go in there unless your sure your ready. I need ten more points according to last practice but I have one tomorrow so we shall see. Thank you for your advice.

Hello all,

    I've been locked in studying for about 6 weeks for this exam and my practice score is still only 140. I'm looking to score 155 range and I am unsure if I should just not show up and I believe that comes back as an Absent to schools or go in and Cancel. Kaplan prep course did nothing for me as I feel I like powerscore bibles so much better. I grasp the basics and techniques for the problems but in two practice exams the overall score is too low. The first one I did decent on LR and bombed LG and RC. Then second one was drastic increase in LG and RC but twenty point drop in LR. If I combined all my best sections I'd prob be close to my range. Any recommendations as far as prepping and going all in for december one so I can increase points ? And if it is better to be absent or go in to cancel? Thank you for your advice. I sincerely appreciate your time.

Studying for the LSAT / Low score Practice LSAT? Help please
« on: September 14, 2010, 08:02:24 PM »
Hello everyone, 
             If I dropped ten points and scored low on a practice test of a 140 four weeks out from Oct LSAT should I consider withdrawing or is there still hope grinding out in the books to see why that one practice test was so low? Thanks for your time.

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