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I'd like to thank everyone for their responses. I just finished submitting my applications. I did decide to write an addendum concerning the GPA, but I kept it short and factual followed by evidence of a commitment to hard work that wasn't present in school. In my personal statement I focused on my employment and interest in law.

I had the opportunity to speak with folks in the admissions departments at two schools that recently hosted open house events for prospective law students. I was advised by both schools to address the GPA issue even if I had to write that it was due to immaturity. For those of you that have read advice to the contrary stating not to write an addendum unless you have a legitimate reason for poor performance, I hope this helps.

Thanks again for the constructive comments! It helped!

Hi Cicero,

Thank you for the response!

I have no problem with writing an addendum. My concern is that most advice seems to suggest that one should only write a GPA addendum if there was a legitimate excuse for poor performance. Unfortunately, I have none and I'd rather not stoop to making one up, either. Is it acceptable to write a brief addendum with an acknowledgment of my poor performance, but followup with evidence of growth? Or is it better to skip the addendum and try to work this into a personal statement?

I believe that I have changed. I spent a year self-studying for the LSAT to prove to myself that I could meet a goal. That type of work would have been unheard of had I still been an undergraduate. I scored a 170. I felt that that score was high enough, in addition to my history of employment and time away from school, to justify continuing with the dream.

Thank you again for the response!

I was a waste of a time as a student and miraculously graduated with a 2.2 GPA. I have no good reason for the score - I was unmotivated and rarely attended any of my classes. I've been out of school six years and have worked consistently full time as an IT professional. I recently took the LSAT and scored much higher than the 75th percentile at both local Tier 3 schools that I am interested in attending. Is it advised to write an addendum to point out my employment background and length of time since school as an example of growth or should I skip the addendum altogether? I understand that it's not in my best interest to make excuses, but is it a red flag if I don't try to demonstrate that it wouldn't be a factor as a law student?

Thank you!

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