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Nice, thanks for reflecting on your experience and the advice! Definitely helps to hear from others going through the same craziness...

Yeah, it's all a business I understand that much. I should just look at it as 9K, and not assume it will be more because even though I'm going to try my hardest to be at the top of my class, I don't know if I will break into that 20%.

Since my last deposit is due today at Whittier, the decision has to be made. I think I'm going to do TJ and work hard so I get a scholarship my 2nd and third years. And I hope living in San Diego will give me opportunities to knock on more doors as far interships, etc. than I would get in orange county. I suppose no one ever wants to make the wrong decision...I just hope it all works out!

Yeah I'm from Orange County, CA...I look at the rankings, but I try not to get too wrapped up in them for the same reasons you stated. I'm going to want to be able to practice in CA eventually no matter where I go, of course it would be more difficult to make that happen if I attended Maine, but not impossible. I think Maine was attractive largely because I wanted to just be on the other coast for a few years. Anyhow, it doesn't look like it's going to happen like some of the others I'm on the waitlist for, and I think I can escape the OC just as much if I went down to TJ in San Diego.

Thanks for the advice Bigs...

Yeah, I know Thomas Jefferson isn't Harvard, and I've come to accept that I will be going to a 3rd/4th tier school. I feel that I can still get a good education no matter if I go to Whittier or TJ. Each of them were extremly friendly, and have highly qualified faculties, not to mention, they both have a specialty for IP.

I think you have a good point about Whittier not getting back to me, and taking so long to respond. Even with a scholarship, I still think a school should be prompt and responsive to the requests of students when they are paying 30K plus...maybe TJ is just on top of it to get me to to go there, but right now I'm feeling like they really want me there, and I like that, despite not getting any money from them.

Looking to find out if anyone has received an acceptance off the University of Maine waitlist yet...curious to know how you were notified and when you received the acceptance. Thanks!

I have to say that TJ has been on the ball as far as communication, they are very prompt about responding or following up with me by phone or email. I applied to the IP program at TJ and a few days later I was admitted. I sent my application months ago to Whittier's IP program and still have not heard anything. I emailed Whittier last week and received a response that my application is still pending before the IP board.

I'm a little worried about going to a school that isn't attached to a large college/university, and the stigma that can be attached to that by some in the legal community. I don't think it really matters to much though...I think the two schools regardless are about equal.

I think I'm definitely leaning toward TJ, still it's hard to look at turning down a scholarship. I just hope I can do well my first year and earn one my second/third years.

Both schools have special IP programs that I have already applied to; I've been accepted into the Thomas Jefferson IP Fellowship program, still waiting to hear from Whittier's.

The scholarship is for the first year only, however it can be renewed based on performance after the first year depending if I fall in the top 20% of my class.

Why do you think it is better?

Help! I need to make a decision between attending Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego with no scholarship money and Whittier Law School with a 9K scholarship. I've been admitted into the IP Fellowship Program at TJ, but have not heard anything from Whittier regarding their IP program despite pressing them for an answer. IP is where I want to focus my studies. I feel like living in the San Diego area might provide more opportunities for internships/extenships which can help when I'm ready to graduate, but at the same time, it's hard to turn down a scholarship. Can anyone offer any insight or thoughts?

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