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Great point. Forgot to point out that I am talking about a scenario of steady and predictable peaks.

Billing 3,000 hours in a year!? That almost seems absurd! At face value, that is only 58 hours a week. That's pretty easy in the billable world. However, taking into account:

- 4 weeks vacation (Seems like a lot, but necessary in a high volume billing environment)
- 100 hours of contining education (not sure if that translates that same to the legal field)
- 40 hours of recruiting
- 40 hours of facilitating trainings younger associates
- 40 hours of local city membership activities for networking
- 240 hours of eating (5 day weeks) (leaves half an hour for lunch a dinner...quick ones...and non-billable)
- 40 hours of firm activities (happy hours, small groups, etc)
- 240 hours commuting (5 day weeks) (assuming an half hour commute)

That puts you at an average of 78 hour weeks devoted to working, being at work, doing work related things, and getting to work. That translates to working 8 to 7 for 7 days a week or 8 to 10 during the week and 8 hours on Saturday. Working Friday nights won't happen too many times because you'd go crazy, so you'd tack those hours on to Sunday for a light day. I don't know anyone that can work non-stop, so you will end up adding a few hours to that week for staring off into the distance to clear your head because you have done nothing but work all year. In the end, you could go ahead and say 80-85 hours a week to bill 3,000 hours in a year.

That all being said, billing around 2,300 is pretty smooth sailing. Sure you'd have some 70 maybe even 80 hour weeks, but definitely not bad at all! Just for reference, you could take 5 weeks vacation, bill 40s in th summer, have 5-6 months of various 60 - 80 hour billing weeks, and hit some good numbers for the year. I tip my hat to anyone that can bill above 2,500. I couldn't keep up with that.

Happy Billing!

Law School Admissions / Application Questions
« on: June 08, 2010, 06:41:48 PM »
Good Evening,

I have started my application process, and I have a few questions if any of you have a few moments.

1. I sent my transcripts to the LSAC, and I had a GPA of 3.4 for undergrad. In looking at the lawout of the summary, I had a trend in the last two years 3.7 and 3.9 respectively. In looking at many of the posts, my GPA doesn't appear to be all that strong, but would an addendum or bringing this up in my personal statement as to maybe the cause of the lower GPA in the first few years (working full time, helping support family, etc)? Or is a GPA simply what it is, and no need to dwell on it and not make excuses? Also, does a masters degree add more value, or are they fairly common now?

2. By the time I apply, I will have almost 5 years in Big 4 Public Accounting. Is this a selling point to the adcomms in a personal statement / resume in my file, or should I frame my application around a different topic? Maybe more on why I want to go to law school, etc?

I think that is it for now. I appreciate your time!

Minority and Non-Traditional Law Students / Re: JD/CPA Combo
« on: June 01, 2010, 08:27:02 PM »
Depending on how long you have been in public accounting, you could have potentially seniored/managed a Fortune 500 Audit, been involved with M&A, IPOs, and worked closely with Controllers and CAOs. Even if the adcomms do not give you a large bump for your experience, you already know what is like, and have proven that you can withstand many years of 90 billable hour weeks with immovable deadlines and pressures from the Partners. A caveat to this thought process is if you are still new to the world of public accounting, and have not built up the years of experience just yet.

So while it might not necessarily get you into law school, it will help you when it comes time to apply for jobs and survive the world of cut-throat, client service.

Oh, and you probably know what it is like to be sued and have your laptop subject to pending litigation  ;)

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