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Transferring / Letters of Recommendation
« on: April 19, 2011, 11:41:10 PM »
I have a couple of questions.  I am a 1L at a T4 school.  I only recently started thinking about transferring because my first semester grades put me at about 33% (I don't know exactly because I can't find the rankings). 

My first question is when and who I should ask for letters of recommendation.  I never really had any questions in class so I don't have a rapport with any of my professors.  Should I ask two or three that gave me the highest grades or the ones that I think would be the most helpful?  Would a letter from my legal writing professor be as helpful as one from a black letter law class like Torts or Contracts?  Do you have any recommendations for how I can go about asking someone I've never really talked to for help about transferring out of their school?

My second question is if anyone can give me some ideas of how likely it is that I can transfer.  I know that the top third isn't that high- especially from a T4- but I understand the material and the tests a lot better now so think I can bring my grades up to at least the top 20%.  I'd like to transfer to a school in a city in the New England area (one of the big cities like Boston, NYC or Philadelphia).  Can you give me an idea of my chances at T4's, T3's, T2's or T1's and maybe some specific schools in those areas?  I'm sorry, I know the question's very open-ended, but I just want to know what schools I could get into, or at least have a shot at, based on the different levels.

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