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I was going to start a new thread, but due to similarties I'll jump in here.  My background offers several challenges (though hopefully some plusses).  I am an older potential law student, graduating with a degree in Biochemistry in 1994 (making me currently 37)with a poor 2.9 GPA (due to too much studies in the area of ethanol and other college-related hijinks).  I subsequently went to grad school, earning my Ph.D. in biochemistry (GPA 3.9...though is rather irrelevent in the science field as the degree is primarily research based).  I have since done post-doctoral research at two top medical schools, and am currently employed as a scientist at a major biotech company.  Having become quite interested in patent-law here, I'm considering this option.  

With a wife, house, two kids...I'm gathering all info and opinions on the feasability of getting into a good program, and the subsequent ROI following graduation.


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