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Hi USC313

Thank you for responding to the OP. Its awesome to hear from someone who actually goes to one of the Widener Campuses.I have a further question.

As a 3L what is the job market for a Widener grads like right now? I know that we are talking about different campuses but I am very curious.I would like to go to Harrisburg and then move back to work in Philly, however, I am very naive about the workings of the legal job market and what Widener does for it students. Are Widener students recruited for example and how would one like your self go about finding a job.

Thank you very much.

Hello...i think I am going to be attending Widener Harrisburg I am going to make my mind up after the preview day on the 17th.

I have many of the same questions expressed above and I am going to ask them at the preview day. They will probably have a few students there as well. I will be sure to ask as many questions as possible.

I am scared as hell of Widener's curve. That's the one thing that really has me on the fence. Our GPAs, even if we score in the top % of our class, is going to be low. I think this will job prospects and possible transfer options dismal. Honestly I don't understand it enough yet to really comment about it, but I am hoping to learn more.

I'll report back after the preview day

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