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U of Toledo / Re: I wouldn't choose Toledo again
« on: November 23, 2009, 06:58:09 AM »
Interesting topic and thread. I know some students have lost their scholarship after 1L due to being (very) slightly less than 3.3, and other students that were well above the 3.3 needed to maintain a scholarship.

Those courses with transitional students were the classes where I received my lowest grades, but I did well enough to maintain a scholarship. Someone on the margins who lost their scholarship has a great argument for fairness. All classes should compare apples to apples.

Overall, all of the reasons mentioned in this thread for not choosing UToledo are valid. UToledo needs an overhaul, and the transitional program is just one more instance where UToledo is a less than satisfactory school. I'm in the same class of students as LegalLady -- high class ranking and not a job in sight. Such students are not the exception at UToledo, but the norm.

Compare to my ex-roommate who went to OSU (ranked in the 30's), ranks in the middle of the class, but has a very nice job after graduation. Was the money I saved by having a scholarship worth foregoing debt at a higher ranked school? ABSOLUTELY NOT!  

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