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U of Toledo / Re: thinking of Toledo 2010 any help?
« on: June 03, 2010, 04:17:31 PM »
Well, I really wanted to wait until the next USNWR rankings came out before posting, but useless buttholes prompt me to do otherwise.......

You're latest ridiculous post does nothing but restate the same conclusion over and over again, without any support.
Yes, unlike your ridiculous post that does nothing to support either side and aides in creating the image that law students learn nothing about logical arguments. What is it like to get a 140 on the LSAT?

 Actually, I would be willing to bet that the % of transitional students who transfer is the same as the % of non-transitional students who transfer.
I'd suggest otherwise, as does the post that I reference in my previous post

It is obvious that you didn't get the grades you wanted and are taking it out on the transitionals, and it's pathetic.

You actually believe that I would post a single truth so that the posters could figure out who I am????? Yet another instance of why you should not be in law school. Most intelligent people could recognize that my posts are contradictory and mean nothing about who I am. And yes, I did do very well in both semester and will be one of the top 5 students at Toledo, idiot.

Furthermore, your attacks are specifically against Toledo when they should really be at the tier 3 and tier 4 in general.
Toledo is a tier 3 that will be sinking to tier 4 (see post above). So addressing Toledo, which is a tier 3, is not addressing the tier 3?? Just doing my small part to create a better world since law schools are like assholes. I'm sure you didn't get that last sentence... law schools are like assholes because everyone has one...

At all these schools, many top students transfer.  And in this economy, all these schools are struggling to place graduates in employment.
Part of the problem and not the solution. If Toledo cannot place graduates, then QUIT CLAIMING A  90-SOME PERCENT PLACEMENT RATE AFTER GRADUATION!!!!

Toledo is no different.  At least the 2L's and 3L's were blind-sided by the economy - 1L's were fully aware of the consequences of their decision to go to law school in the current economic climate, and you shouldn't be taking your bad decision out on Toledo.

I only ask for honesty. DO NOT pretend that a Toledo law degree will guarantee anything other than a position at the 7-11 counter. You should be shamed for holding true to the Toledo colors and prompting people to consider such an institution. Toledo, along with other 3rd and 4th tier law schools, should be closed down. They offer nothing but debt and despair. Be honest to those entering students that they will not receive a job that will create the return on investment to pay for law school... unless they get a full-ride and are able to pummel the transitional students. An unlikely feat unless they are 1/4th as intelligent as I am.


U of Toledo / Re: thinking of Toledo 2010 any help?
« on: May 28, 2010, 03:56:50 PM »
I think the above post just reiterates the points I have made. Notice how many transitional students have transferred. Why? Because they do not have to take a full course load and will garner better grades. Transitional students bear negatively on the GPA of full-time students. The transitional students have also placed Toledo in a downward spiral when it comes to rankings. Mark this post -- Toledo will be ranked as a T4 school next year AND CROSSING THAT THRESHOLD MEANS A LOT TO EMPLOYERS AND STUDENTS THAT EXPECT TO TRANSFER. If you have no aspirations of getting a job in an already tough economy or your just want to waste 3 years of your life, then Toledo is a great choice.
And no, I do not plan on transferring and never really have. The veiled threats against me are amusing and the antithesis of a law education. Perhaps paying attention in your law classes would create a better understanding.
I'll post again when the 2012 USNWR  rankings come out just to flaunt my intuition. Until then, take care and sorry you will not have a job in law if you're attending Toledo.

U of Toledo / Re: thinking of Toledo 2010 any help?
« on: March 19, 2010, 12:14:11 PM »
Well, this reply should put everything into perfect perspective for anyone attempting to evaluate how seriously to take your comments about Toledo. You can message me and I'll be happy to give you the e-mail addresses for both of my classmates who transferred to Michigan from Toledo. They're cool and I'm sure would be happy to speak about the school with considerably more class than you've shown on this board. Did you make that part up about the Michigan admissions director? I think maybe you did, because in addition to the two people from my class who transferred to UM, I know at least one 3L who did. Pretty easy stuff for a real admissions official to confirm.

You say a lot, but actually know much less than you think. Even if your grades really are as good as you say, you have a lot to learn.

And, yes, I'd say the transgender line and the immaturity that it represents certainly could cost you with employers, particularly in this economic climate.

So, what happened to that ending transitional students, big guy??? You failed to answer that one even though you claimed UT would stop this semester. I give your credibility a zero rank. PS... I'm sorry I mentioned transgendered, as I know you are. In this economy, being a idiot dickhole is more persuasive to receiving no job offers than being honest. GTFO boner.

U of Toledo / Re: thinking of Toledo 2010 any help?
« on: March 12, 2010, 11:02:44 AM »
Wow, optionK, you make me wonder if first semester grades didn't come back as good as you hoped

To do any better in my first semester Toledo would have to award A+ grades. Still ridiculous for a TTT law school to shoot themselves in the foot by admitting those who cannot garner a 155+ on LSAT. BTW, what happened to your gracious insight that UT was ending the transitional program after fall 2010? Guess that didn't work out, eh Mr. Credible?

Quote from: Toledo2011
There were three people accepted to Michigan last spring from UT - two went, one stayed.

This directly contradicts what a Michigan Asst. Director of Admissions has written to me (that zero UT students were accepted last year). Someone is lying, and I'd guess it is not the Asst. Director of Admissions.

Quote from: Toledo2011
Obviously Harvard and GULC aren't on the list

Harvard will never be on the list because Harvard doesn't accept from TTT universities. After attending, I can see why.

Quote from: Toledo2011
Real nice transgender line, btw. Real mature. Not the sort of thing that's going to reflect well on you at school if you out yourself. So be careful on that front, huh?

Oh, OK. I'll be sure to watch my back. I didn't realize that UT is like 9th grade and someone will try to beat me up for not agreeing with their views. Maybe I have to worry that they'll take my degree away or my grades will suffer because some lonesome losers hate me? Perhaps they will take my summer position at a law firm away? I'm very frightened. Oh wait, I could care less.

U of Toledo / Re: Scholarships from UT
« on: March 02, 2010, 08:58:05 PM »
Did you get scores for 2/10 LSAT yet?

U of Toledo / Re: thinking of Toledo 2010 any help?
« on: March 02, 2010, 08:56:25 PM »
Personally, I wouldn't choose either. If pushed, then MSU is a much better option. I've had two friends who went there, and both transferred to significantly higher ranked schools (Michigan and GULC). If transferring is on the agenda, then MSU by a mile -- U Mich is  very receptive of MSU law students for some reason. Toledo, on the other hand, has VERY limited transfer options. The only thing more limited than transfer options at Toledo may be the job options for graduates. However, if you're into collecting worthless degrees to plaster on the wall, then go ahead. I hear the law degree is printed on high grade paper, so you can also use it to build a shelter after graduation?

Yes, the transgender, er... transitional students are still a huge problem at Toledo. They're lazy rats that are supposed to become full-time in the Spring semester, but many of them drop classes and remain part-time. Toledo lays down BS about ending the transitional problem, but they never will. Hence, Toledo's ranking will never improve, hence even more limited job option ITE.


U of Toledo / Re: I wouldn't choose Toledo again
« on: November 23, 2009, 07:56:34 AM »
Although the fact you're wasting time ripping on your school at a time when you should be slammed studying for finals is a curious thing.

Gosh, I already study from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. most days. Now you want me to cut out the few breaks I take between?

U of Toledo / Re: I wouldn't choose Toledo again
« on: November 21, 2009, 04:06:56 PM »
I did accept the scholarship at UT and I'm a 1L, so that's why I feel that the blog I posted was relevant. I never mentioned anything about passing up the scholarship, but did have a motive to let prospective students know that this situation exists.

I have not heard any statements regarding the removal of the transitional program. In fact, in a response to my e-mail questioning the reasoning for transitional students attending classes with full-time students, Toledo gave no indication of the program being terminated. In their defense, they would have no reason to indicate that in their reply since I am a student. However, even if I take the termination as true, I still would question if such a termination would happen. Knowing the number of transitional students that are enrolled in my classes, I would tend to believe that the removal of the transitional program will only lead to a reincarnation of the program under different terms and name. Why would UT sever such a huge source of income when the budget is already beyond tight?

The transitional program was put into place by former Dean Closius to increase Toledo's ranking, which eventually backfired ( The program reduced full-time students being accepted but maintained income for the school by creating these transitional students. Toledo cannot simply collapse the transitional program and lose that money when full-time acceptance has been reduced. Based on that, I doubt a true removal of the transitional program is going to happen.

Anyhow, while the course load for transitional students does increase in the second semester, I still follow the belief of the blog about the damage to first semester grades. Classes should be separated for full-time and part-time students. There is a tremendous difference between 3 and 5 courses that should not allow the students to be judged on equal grounds. Regardless of any leveling that may occur in the second semester, Toledo should not have the program in place at all.

Bottom line, the way I see it, is that Toledo could easily fix the problem, but has not done so. Maintaining the program up to this point is irresponsible in light of the curved grading scale, and there is little rationale for the combination of full-time/transitional students. The rationale that did resonate from the blog was that the transitional program allows Toledo to both save and make money (loss of scholarships/gain of tuition from transitional). Universities run similarly to businesses and want to make money, but...

U of Toledo / I wouldn't choose Toledo again
« on: November 20, 2009, 06:17:32 AM »
I found a blog that pretty succinctly states my feelings about choosing Toledo. The blog applies to scholarship students, but I think it is applicable to anyone who attends UT and is not a part-time/transitional students. The following is the blog posted in full without modifications:

So, you received your acceptance from the University of Toledo College of Law. Maybe you were thinking of holding out for a law school with a higher ranking, but you also received a SCHOLARSHIP with the acceptance letter. That's very tempting. Imagine going to a school that has more opportunities, but will leave you burdened with debt or going to a school that has a sliding reputation but will be free. Sometimes people will do a cost/benefit analysis and believe that Toledo is a better choice. In this job market, is it worthwhile to assume a huge debt without knowing what future career opportunities may arise?

The short answer is yes -- you should avoid Toledo College of Law.

Now to the lengthy answer: That tempting Toledo College of Law scholarship is a fraud, in my opinion. The scholarship is appealing to prospective students who may not want to leave law school with a debt load. Thus, a person could easily be swayed from attending a top 50 law school in favor of Toledo because the offer. However, there is a lot that Toledo is not stating when they offer merit scholarships.

First, Toledo Law allows what they call "transitional students." Transitional students are offered the ability to become full time students after successful completion of one academic year. In the first semester, these students will take 3 courses, and then a normal course load in the second semester. Transitional students take summer courses that allow them to enter their second year with the same credit hours as full-time students.

From my understanding, Toledo does this in an effort to avoid plummeting even further in the rankings. Transitional students are not counted in the LSAT/GPA scores, thus the law school rankings that place such an emphasis on these factors are being duped.

However, the reason transitional students are important to a person who may have been offered a scholarship is the first semester course load. Transitional students will be in the same classes as full-time students, thus their grades are counted into the class curve as though they were full-time students. There is no separation of full-time classes and transitional classes. While full-time students are dealing with a full course load during the first semester, the transitional students are given the benefit of taking two fewer classes. The amount of additional study time that transitional students have at their disposal and the fact that transitional students have to memorize far less information will become very obvious when exams are graded. Transitional students have traditionally done very well from what I have witnessed from my first year at Toledo.

Aside from the lessened course load and skirting the law rankings, traditional students will play a huge role in whether you are able to keep a scholarship. The transitional students will likely doom your first semester grades since transitional students account for probably a third to half of the first year students. However, Toledo has been silent in creating a grading scheme that separates transitional and full-time students. Instead, the grades of transitional students are compiled with full-time students in creating a curve for the class. In a law school setting, where grades are competitive, this means that many full-time students who would have gotten high marks on first semester exams are given lower, if not mediocre, grades.

When a student on merit-scholarship must attain a 3.3 cumulative GPA to continue on scholarship, this means that Toledo is hedging against that result. A very manipulative scheme, in my opinion. The results are that maybe half of the merit scholarship students will continue into the second year with their scholarship intact. Suddenly, students that were looking to graduate with no debt are burdened with debt they would have acquired at a much higher ranked school. While Toledo has around 20 firms represented at the on-campus interviews, many school will have 100+ firms at their on-campus interviews. The difference that those numbers alone will make in future earning power is astonishing. Most upper-level students I know at Toledo will be entering careers that pay equivalent to jobs attainable with a bachelors degree.

Now, a person could easily say that I am just a scorned student who lost his scholarship. The fact is that I have maintained a ranking in the top 5% of my class, I have my scholarship and a position with a great firm when I graduate. What I do despise is the number of people I know who should still be on scholarship, but were slighted by first semester grades and now have little or no hope in future employment. These are brilliant students who studied hard for LSATs and law school, but they barely missed the 3.3 cut-off because of the policies in place at Toledo to allow transitional students in the same classes as full-time students. An unfair policy that is only in place to prop up the ranking numbers while still allowing Toledo to collect a substantial sum of tuition dollars."

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