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Black Law Students / Re: Does having Dreads or locks matter
« on: October 27, 2009, 09:35:30 PM »
I personally like dreadlocks if they are three to four inches long and are well-kept. However when dreads get large, they become unprofessional looking.

I have a mathematics major and computer science minor (from a top ten computer science school). I'm interested in patent/contract/or tax law because I enjoy writing in explicit and bug free detail. I also enjoy problem solving.

Hopefully those areas are more about problem solving, than doing paperwork otherwise law isn't for me.

"What about somebody who got a humanities degree and no longer has the option of doing any of that stuff? " Really? You can't do dental hygiene or earn some Microsoft certificates to become an IT person? I'm shocked to learn that someone who can become an attorney, cannot gain entrance into any of those fields. The debt incurred wouldn't be that much. Becoming a pharmer would require significantly more debt, but even that is not impossible.

Anyways at least one mathematics major is going into law. I took two English courses at my university, and not a single political science course. 

The competition for mathematics and computer science is pretty tough, and the work can be gruelling; the grass on the other side of the fence isn't as green as you may think.

Choosing the Right Law School / Any suggestions for where I should apply?
« on: October 24, 2009, 11:39:08 AM »
I'm a mathematics major with an undergrad GPA of 3.35 and a practice lsat of 167. I attend a top 50 US NEWS national school.

My extra-curriculars include being a computer science TA and a I was an assitant researcher in a molecular biology lab. I a first generation to graduate from high school and I come from a very poor family (I'm white though).

I'm planning on spending a year in beijing before heading to law school.

Any suggestions for where I should apply?

I was thinking that Fordham/Cardozo/Brooklyn would be among my first choices for law school. I want to work either on the West coast (excluding Oregon) or New York.

Do Law schools look favorably upon mathematic majors?

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