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i spy some typos (...afraid *to* act..., ...intense..., some punctuation you might wanna double-check) but overall a good piece of writing. like pp said, it might be helpful to bring it home to law school a little more directly. (and, call me dense, but i'm not sure the last sentence works like you'd want it to work; i had to read it twice to get what i think you meant...)     
your PS has a lot of your heart in it, kudos.

all right, i  gotta ask this: why didn't ya transfer in-state after losing your scholarship? (surely i'm not alone in wondering this? anything for a PS in your answer...?)

My personal statement and GPA addendum were enough to get me in law school 10 years ago. Now that I'm applying to go back, I'm wondering if the adcomms will read, or even have available to read, my old application.  ??  I'd like to touch on my PS from years ago with a refreshed perspective (i.e. not repeat, but mention the old theme), but my new PS might seem a little redundant if looked at side-by-side with my old GPA addendum. (long story...)

anyone know?

Brief background: I'm a former law student who quit to raise a family & will be ready to apply anew either next year or the year after.
Since I'm not up against an urgent deadline or anything, I'm wondering if taking the LSAT at a time when fewer 'go-getters' are taking it (February?) might up my percentile, even if only a tiny bit (since it really makes little difference to my timeline).
(Am I off-base on the February takers? If so (& you think it could make a difference), which test would be better?)

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