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Hi!  New here.  I'm a non-trad., late 30s, married and no kids (none coming either!) and work full-time for lawyers.

I was set to take the June LSAT then realized I was so not ready and wanted the summer to study.

Now I'm thinking, boy summer was fun, but I'm still not ready!

I too get down, actually cried last night over some stupid logic game.  But then turned the page and the book said it was one of the hardest questions ever!

Anyway, my diagnostic was a 140, but it was off of a book that didn't use real LSAT questions, so I have no idea what my diagnostic really is.  I'm concentrating on the logic games as I got all of them wrong.  I'll take a practice test this Sunday.

So back to studying and working full-time.  I come home and study for about 2 hrs. every night.  My husband cooks.  I'm thinking of taking a day off though because 2 hrs. just isn't enough!

I'm also thinking I should wait until Dec.  I have about 11 days to decide as I'm registered for the Sept. LSAT but the deadline to postpone is 11 days.

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