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I'm in the same boat wondering if law enforcement to law school is a good choice for me.  Even when I was in field training, as odd as this is, I've been hearing, "Man, you should go to law school, and...blah blah blah."  I still hear that and heard it yesterday.  The fact is, I want to go.  I always have.  I just wonder what I'd do once I graduate, but I suspicion everyone endures that which has always been the sole barrier to my applying.

My background is unique I think.  I graduated college, taught high school science for two years while working part-time as a paramedic before becoming a municipal officer.  I did that for a couple of years and transitioned to natural resource law enforcement which is pretty unique albeit cushy in some respects particularly with my administrative reponsibilities now.  My favorite part of LE is law and procedure followed by interviewing and reporting.  Of course, we all like firearms and tactics.   ;) 

This spring I'm off to school (or scheduled) to become a narcotics investigator which I still want to train in, but right now I'm pretty sure I want to go to law school and then do something on that side of the fence.  I'm in Arkansas and really only care to go to school here for a variety of personal reasons, and I've got at GPA of 3.45 according to LSDAS which I am registered with.  Short of a bad LSAT score, and I've yet to challenge the LSAT, I'm told I stand a good chance of getting accepted.  Arkansas allows for part-time officers, and, in fantasy, it'd be great if I could do that during L2-L3. 

Having come here searching for cop turned lawyer threads I'm just wondering what others may throw at me for advice, suggestions, criticisms, or commentary.

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