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Hello everyone,

Ivy Eyes Editing ( is pleased to announce a unique service to all users of this forum: a free initial assessment of your first submission. We work with our clients to refine their admissions essays, personal statements, cover letters, resumes, business proposals and more.

Ivy Eyes Editing was founded in 2005 by Yale graduates to serve a wide array of clients across the globe. Our Yale-educated staff has deep experience in academia as well as publishing, technology, entertainment, consulting, technology and energy industries.

We are not an essay writing service, we are a writing consultation and editing company. Our editors leverage their varied expertise to work with clients not just as editors, but as valuable thought partners. We are confident that members of this community will find our level of critique instructive, challenging and transformative.

Our free assessment offering is a reflection of our commitment to superior work. To that end, we hope that you visit our website today to take advantage of this service, and learn more about who we are.

We look forward to working with you!


Ivy Eyes Editing


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