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Studying for the LSAT / Re: Need some advice
« on: July 18, 2009, 09:14:54 AM »

Heres the deal, I took the LSAT twice now, in June and October.  I got a 148 in June and a 150 in October.  Now here i am.  I am quite discouraged and frustrated. but I dont want to give up.  That is unlike me.  I was averaging mid-150's leading up to the october test and i failed despite "improving" my score from June.

The question I have is...should I retake it...again? Will this look really bad to schools?  Or will it look as if I am persistent?  I really want to get in a aba approved school. But now I dont know if I can.  Someone please help me out.


A 150 will get you in at quite a few low ranked schools. IMO, however, they are not worth going to. Most people who go to TTT and TTTT schools have a very difficult time finding work. Added to that is the fact that the legal market is doing very poorly right now. Even students from T schools are having a hard time finding paying work.


This is really bad advice.  I actually registered simply because this post was so out of touch...  Folks, be careful form message board pundits who regurgitate bad info.  I've had many instances of tier 4 law school students excelling in the field.  In fact, my brother, an Albany alumnus was employed immediately upon graduation/ bar-passage.

The simple fact is, if you pass the bar, no matter what law school you went to, you have an excellent chance of employment. If the law is what you love, then go for it...  regardless of what "tier" you're in. 


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