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sigh, whatever man. If my boss says "don't do this" I am not going to argue with him that he didn't really mean it or that he couldn't enforce it if he did.

1.  They didn't tell me, the recipient, not to disclose the email.

2.  There is nothing confidential in the email.

3.  It is public information.

You need to be able to distinguish between privileged and confidential material and information that is not if you want to be a lawyer.

I am trying to educate you - that is not what their boilerplate says.  If you aspire to be a lawyer, you need to think like one. 

Do whatever you want, but if the place that gives you a license says "don't do this" I am not going to do it. I don't care if it makes any sense, bringing a passport photo to the MPRE makes ZERO sense, but they say jump so I jump.

Again, I refer you to my previous post
it pains me how simple this is

Sorry what is your point?  Am I supposed to be afraid of the California Bar Admissions Committee for asking them on the record about Novus?   I think they are a great agency, they literally answered me the same day.  I can't say the same for the CIA; they forced me to sue them to get records.

The notice states that the communication may contain privileged information for the intended recipient, and that disclosure "by others" is prohibited.

Since Jonlevy was the intended recipient, I think this means he is free to disclose it's contents. Others cannot disclose it without his permission. Read the notice more carefully.

Bingo, you win the prize.

This the one I use on my emails:

This e-mail is confidential. If you are not the intended recipient then you must not copy it, forward it, use it for any purpose, or disclose it to another person. Instead please return it to the sender immediately. Please then delete your copy from your system.

Reality check dude - if some boilerplate scares you; how you going to take on the DA's officer or file a civil rights lawsuit for a client?  Get out there and read some Gerry Spence or Tony Serra:

Fresh - do you know what email legal boilerplate is?  It is unenforceable, no court to my knowledge has ever upheld it yet lawyers and others still use it anyway.  Also, what does it mean in this context?  I asked for information from a public agency.  They answered me.  I am under no obligation to keep the information private since it was addressed to me.  Start thinking like a lawyer and you may get there some day.

LOL!  That is boilerplate.  I made a request for public information under The California Public Records Act.

Why ask California? Because NOVUS uses a California phone number and does business in that state, so California has jurisdiction over them.

Distance Education Law Schools / California Bar official position on NOVUS
« on: September 24, 2014, 01:43:43 PM »
Dear     :

We regret to inform you that Novus Law School does not have degree-granting authority from any recognized U.S. educational entity, nor does attending Novus allow anyone to sit for any bar exam in the United States. 

A listing of schools, including online law schools, that are recognized by the State Bar of California may be found on our website at  Requirements to sit for the bar exam in California may be found at

Best Regards,

Office of Admissions

The State Bar of California | 180 Howard Street | San Francisco, CA  94105

(415) 538-2300 |


CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE : ***This e-mail message may contain confidential and/or privileged material for the sole use of the intended recipient.  Any review, use, distribution or disclosure by others is strictly prohibited.  If you are not the intended recipient (or authorized to receive for the recipient), please contact the sender by reply e-mail and delete all copies of this message.***

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